The Simple Psychology Test That Reveals How Well You Know Yourself

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Being self-aware is an important quality that many people seem to be missing. Knowing oneself is the key to navigating life and making sound decisions.

TikToker Emily Iniekio shared a three-part video detailing a psychological test that will tell you exactly how well you know yourself.

As Iniekio says, the test is “just to see how well you know yourself and where your priorities are.”

This psychology test will show how well you truly know yourself.

To take the test, watch her video, then scroll down to follow the instructions below.



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First, close your eyes and imagine yourself on a piece of land.

The land you have chosen is surrounded by a body of water. Iniekio instructs viewers to imagine as much detail as possible.

Ask yourself questions about the land you picked.

Next, get into the small details. What type of terrain is the land made up of (gravel, dirt, grass)? How far away from the water are you, and how calm is the water?

Imagine entering the water.

See yourself getting into the water. Think about how it feels to your body. Is it warm or freezing cold? Is it comfortable or jarring? Did you dive deep or just wade in the shallow part?

Fill your cup with the water.

Now imagine yourself leaving the water, picking up a cup and scooping water into it. Picture how the cup looks, the material it’s made of, and how high you filled it.

Drink the water.

Most of us would have no intention of drinking the water we scooped up, but Iniekio wants you to imagine doing just that. How much did you drink? Did it gross you out?

Picture a desk and a table on the land.

The next step is to visualize a desk with your name plate on it on one side, and a table with a vase filled with roses sitting on it.

Now you must decide where you prefer to sit. Will it be the table with the roses, or the desk displaying your name? How far apart are they from one another?

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What Your Answers Mean

Now that we have gone through all the related questions, let’s talk about what your answers say about your knowledge of yourself and where your priorities lie.



The foundation you stood on

Your answer about the type of terrain or the ground you were standing on is very telling.

A firm foundation means you are stable in life or have focused goals.

Soft ground like sand or mud is the opposite. You feel insecure and unstable. Your life may be “unbalanced” or “a bit chaotic.”

Your proximity to the water

The closer you are to the water, the more prepared you are for things that pop up in life. You take initiative and control what happens in your life.

According to Iniekio, distance means, “You may be a little bit more uneasy about where your life’s going. So, a little bit more reactive than proactive.”

How the water felt

The calmness of choppiness of the water represents how anxious you are about life at the moment. Calm water mean you’re relaxed while choppy waters denote high anxiety.

You also decided what the temperature of the water was. This represents how optimistic you are.

Cold, uncomfortable waters are associated with negativity and a tendency to focus on what is wrong. Warm waters mean you are more positive and upbeat about life. You see the glass as half full instead of half empty.



How deep the water was

This represents how you approach unknown things in life.

If you chose to dip your toe in, you are extremely cautious. If the water was deep, you take risks without considering the consequences of your actions.

What the cup looked like

A clear cup means you are open and transparent. “You wear your heart on your sleeve,” says Iniekio.

A solid-colored cup may mean you are more guarded.

How flexible the cup is

The cup’s hardness is attached to how sensitive you are.

If it is ceramic or thick glass, you are protective of your feelings. Paper or plastic means you are more emotional.

How full the cup is

The amount of water in the cup correlates with how confident you are. “The fuller, the more self-assured you are,” says Iniekio.

How much water you drank

The amount of water you drank is about how social you are. Extroverts will drink more water, while introverts drink less.

What you thought about drinking the water

If the thought of drinking the water grossed you out, you are fully aware of your toxic traits and are actively working to get rid of them no matter how painful.

If drinking the water didn’t bother you, you have accepted your negative characteristics or have chosen to ignore them.

Where you chose to sit

If you picked the desk with your name on it, you are career-oriented, and money is important to you.

The table with flowers is indicative of a person who is more in tune with family and romance.

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