The Psychological Trick That Reveals What Your Friends Subconsciously Think Of You

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It’s easy to assume that all of your friends think highly of you simply because they choose to stay connected.

To a certain extent, that is correct.

However, friends can also have deeply embedded opinions about who you are that even even they are unaware of! And one way to find out how they really feel is by using a quick psychological test.

This easy psychological trick reveals what your friends subconsciously think about you.

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A TikToker named Bella Avila recently shared a fun trick to try on your friends.

To start this quick test, just send a message to one of your friends asking, “If I were a color, what color would I be?”

Avila warns that you should be emotionally prepared to hear the characteristics that the people you love associate with you. Because, as she says, friendships could possibly end as a result.




What it means if your friend said yellow

If the first color that comes to mind when asked to pick a color that represents you is yellow, your pal believes you are loyal, bubbly, and generally a positive person to be around.

What it means if your friend said red

If red is the color your friend believes best describes you, it might alarm you to find out that they think you are manipulative. You might need to dive deeper to find out why that is.

What it means if your friend said blue

Blue is a good color to be. You’re spontaneous, which makes you fun to hang with. Your friend also believes you place a high value on the friendship the two of you share.

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What it means if your friend said pink

Being attached to the color pink is a double-edged sword. Your friend loves your personality but doesn’t think you are the sharpest tool in the drawer. They find you a little ditzy.

What it means if your friend said purple

Purple indicates that your friend knows you can be depended on when needed. They also consider you to be a wealth of good advice.

What it means if your friend said black

If the color black comes to mind when your buddy thinks about you, you should feel special. This means that they have a closer and deeper connection with you than they do with most people.

What it means if your friend said green

The color green represents a carefree persona. However, this also means that your friend finds you careless. But they don’t think of these characteristics as negative and admire them in you.

What it means if your friend said white

When you hear that you friend comes up with the color white when they consider who you are, think vanilla or a blank canvass. They find you to be a bore and also believe you are unreliable.

As Avila wraps up the video, she advises viewers to “Make sure you send this

to them afterward, so they know how you exposed them.”

This psychological trick may be new to you, but colors have always been used as a tool in psychology, branding, and marketing.

Learning how to use them to get your point across or to understand how people respond and associate with them is just another way to glimpse into the human psyche.

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