Professional Pet Sitter Asks For A 'Volunteer' To Watch His Rabbits For Free Because He's 'Fully Booked'

A rabbit hole of truly delusional thinking.

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Any pet owner can attest to the value of giving their furry friends tender loving care. Whether it’s daily sniffy walks for your pup or snuggling with your special, totally weird cat, most people want to be sure they’re providing their beloved animals with the best care possible, even if they can’t do so themselves.

Having peace of mind that your pets are well cared for while you’re out of town is invaluable, but it’s labor that deserves to be compensated, no matter what.


A professional pet sitter asked for a ‘volunteer’ to watch his rabbits for free because he’s ‘fully booked’ with his own pet-sitting jobs.

The unnamed pet sitter posted in the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars, seeking someone willing to do him and his bunnies a solid for no pay, all while he rakes in cash caring for other people’s pets.

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“Still looking for a volunteer who would love to help out with my two rabbits, Rain and Mari,” they wrote.

Aside from the rabbits having names that make them sound like free-range hippie kids at a co-op preschool, the animals actually required a lot of labor and attention.

“They will need mucking out, cleaning, cobwebs gotten rid of, disinfecting, playtime, and grooming,” the post stated. “This will be a 2-hour session every Saturday.”

The pet sitter wanted 8 hours of free pet care a month without seeming to realize how ridiculous that request was.

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According to Indeed, pet sitters in the U.S. make an average of $15.96 per hour. On the lower side of the pet-sitting pay scale, they make around $10.55. On the higher side, they make $24.16

A 2023 business guideline noted that pet sitters can charge up to $250 to $375 a week, depending on the level of services they provide.

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They requested someone over the age of 18, noting that during the first unpaid pet session, the person would be “walked through and shown how to do everything and [given] introductions to the babies.” 

The pet sitter delineated strict details for rabbit care, despite not wanting to pay anyone for the work.

Although they asked the young adult to sign a contract specifically outlining that they’re OK working alone, the pet sitter also said, “Someone is always home, so if any help is needed, you can ask them… I won’t be far, so happy to come help if need be.”

The pet sitter also shared the emotional backstory of one bunny, Mari, a tale rooted in loss and trauma that made the animal “depressed” and seemingly aggressive.

“She was rescued by my brother and passed along with Mari’s brother, who sadly passed away shortly after coming home to us,” they explained. “She loved him to pieces and became depressed with his passing.”


To cure her bunny blues, the pet sitter acquired a replacement rabbit, who Mari “absolutely hates.”

They gave specific guidance surrounding Mari’s emotional and practical care, noting, “She’s very happy living next door to him but doesn’t like physical touch from anyone or anything.”

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“Miss Independent Lady!” the pet sitter declared, trying to make Mari the Rabbit’s physical aggression seem like a cute personality trait and not a hazard.

“She does not like being picked up, and she will cause harm if this is the case, so PLEASE do not pick her up!” they warned.

All work deserves compensation, even if it’s just for a few hours on a Saturday, and especially if it involves wrangling a bunny that’s ready to chomp anyone who touches her.


Whatever is going on in this pet sitter’s mind that they think they should be paid for their labor, yet not extend that professional courtesy to anyone else is truly out-of-touch, no matter how difficult surviving in this economy may be. 

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