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Pregnant Woman Claims Her Baby Has Developed 'A Taste' For Caviar & Travels By Plane Just To Eat Some

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Many mothers recall their pregnancy cravings fondly. Pickles and peanut butter, Hostess pies and indulgent fast food meals are pillars of this hilariously head-scratching phenomenon. 

One soon-to-be mother on TikTok shared her own unique cravings. Slightly more luxurious than the typical mom, her baby’s “cravings” for five-star caviar and Japanese A5 wagyu required a trip of over 8,000 miles — because only the best for baby, right? 

This woman claims her baby has developed ‘a taste’ for caviar, wagyu, and diamonds.

Linda Andrade wasn’t shy in posting her extravagant trip over the New Year holiday, all to satisfy her baby’s “taste” for luxury.



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A self-proclaimed “Dubai housewife,” Andrande is outspoken on social media about her husband's "multi-millionaire" status and her content often revolves around their extravagant meals, frequent trips, and luxurious shopping habits. 

After announcing their pregnancy eight weeks ago, the couple has ensured they treat their baby to the “best” but it’s not just the baby getting special treatment. 

This ‘Dubai housewife’ has ‘no problem flaunting’ her ‘gold digger’ aesthetic and she’s ensured her current pregnancy is a luxurious one. 

While the couple is originally from Dubai, her recent post highlights their trip to Vegas, an 8,000-mile trip that’s typically frowned upon for anyone who's nine months pregnant. 

When they arrived, they immediately went out to eat in an effort to satisfy some of the food cravings they’d planned the trip for. 

“I would be so disappointed in my baby if they didn’t crave the best Japanese wagyu,” Andrade said while showcasing her plate. Seated across from her husband, the videos showcased their extravagant plates, expensive drinks, and enjoyment of the atmosphere in Vegas. 

This content is far from the most luxurious thing she’s shared. In fact, most of her social posts boast of a “self-care budget” in the thousands, international travel, and luxury designer shops. 

Along with her expensive caviar, she showed herself shopping for diamonds feigning anger that her husband hadn't bought her a ‘push present’ yet. 

Her baby’s “cravings” were far from satisfied after their multi-course meal. Apparently, the bun in the oven wanted diamonds too. Shown inside a jewelry store, Andrade filmed several different pieces and boasted a potential $900,000 budget for her “push present.” 

“I still need a real ‘push present’ for this baby,” she said. “I’m not doing this for free.”



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A “push present”, otherwise known as a gift for birthing a baby from your partner, is a non-traditional form of gratitude that some mothers share online.

After her husband “refused” to buy her the expensive jewelry, she continued to talk about the need for a “push present” and commenters wondered if their own partners “fell flat” in getting them this “necessary” gift.

Working up an appetite from all their shopping, she headed to the “caviar bar” unabashedly announcing, “My baby is craving caviar, so [they] get it.”

“I don’t know if caviar is safe, but I don’t care. It’s so good,” Andrade exclaimed.

The popularity of wealth flaunting is waning as more people face financial struggles. 

While many joked in the comments over the woman’s sarcastic videos, others found her jokes about wealth to be ignorant in a world struggling with incredible financial burdens. 

Destinee Moreh explained that people are much less tolerant of rich people “flaunting wealth” when they’re struggling to get by. 



“When the economy is doing bad,” she said, “we start to look at rich people flaunting their wealth as disgusting,” whereas, when people are making a decent living, they see this “flaunt of wealth” to be both entertaining and motivating. 

Regardless of this woman's intentions on her social platform, it’s clear that she’s wealthy. And while it’s her choice to post what she wants to, many are struggling to find it entertaining. A couple spending thousands on meals, luxury goods, and trips while the other half is struggling to put food on the table can be enraging especially when it’s framed as a joke for entertainment. 

In the same vein, however, the "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous" phenomenon is nothing new, and there are just as many voyeurs who can't seem to get enough of the glitz and glamour. The Kardashian brand sustains itself on this concept, after all. 

That's the beauty of the plentiful nature of our entertainment and media. You only have to watch what you want to!

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