The Two Habits Phylicia Rashad's Mom Taught Her As A Child That Helped Create Her Own Reality

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Phylicia Rashad

When I think about the class and grace that is Phylicia Rashad, it brings back childhood memories of watching her as Clair Huxtable on "The Cosby Show."

She was a picture-perfect mom, always had the right answers, and never seen with a hair out of place. But that’s just acting, right?

Well, in this case, not really. It turns out that Rashad might have been embodying her own mother when she dished out loving and enlightening advice.

A TikToker, appropriately named Destiny, shared a clip where Rashad shared the most beautiful life advice a mother can gift her daughter.



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The video, captioned “2 important truths on how to create your reality with Phylicia Rashad,” starts with the actress making an emphatic statement.

“I will not raise my daughter differently than my mother raised me. The rearing I got from my mother; words cannot express,” Rashad says in her 1987 interview, as she shakes her head back and forth.

She continues, “I could live on any country... I could live on any planet, and I would be fine.” She looks at the interviewer in a way that tells you she truly could.

This, of course, makes the interview extremely curious about the meaning behind her powerful words, so he asks, “What was the key?”

How To Create Your Own Reality, According To Phylicia Rashad

You can tell by the total lack of hesitation in her response that Rashad embraced and believed in the life lessons her mother taught her.

“My mother gave us aphorisms to learn as children. There are two that stand out foremost in my mind,” she says as she nods affirmatively.

(Aphorisms are simply observations containing a general truths or sayings. Some examples are, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” or, “Pride comes before the fall.”)

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1. Your inner reality creates the outer form.

This first aphorism passed down from Rashad’s mother was given to her in elementary school. The idea is that you should always look within first.

This means that who you are as a person comes before your career, as well as any “ideologies, theories, and philosophies.”

Rashad goes on to explain that she, too, would teach her own daughter to discover who she is and her truth. Once her daughter is aware of the truth within herself, Rashad tells viewers that she would show her child to always live in accordance with that authenticity.

2. The universe bears no ill will to you; you bear no ill will toward the universe.

This second proverb means that the world around us means us no harm. It alludes to a sense of coordination. We work in support of the universe, and it does the same for us.

This, too, tells you that you are in complete control of what happens to you. You are responsible for your own happiness and fulfillment of your destiny.

The universe is simply here to guide you and support you in the quest for passion and purpose. In return, you remain principled and transparent about who you are.

Rashad's interview left viewers awestruck by her mother’s inspirational message.

If Rashad’s mother’s teaching tugged on your heartstrings, you are not alone.

One first commenter on the TikTok wrote, “My god. She is beyond lucky to have been raised with these messages.” Another noticed what many other likely did, too, writing, “She exudes this trust of herself. Most of us out here re-parenting ourselves. Beautiful aphorisms. New word alert!”

We can all agree that that world would be a much better place if the words of wisdom bestowed upon us by Rashad were spoken to all young girls.

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