4 Specific Traits Of Incredibly Attractive Women, According To Relationship Experts

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You know those enviable women who seem to effortlessly catch men's attention wherever they go? The ones who walk into a room and instantly make people fall for you without lifting a finger?

While it's tempting to simply be jealous of these women, you'd be much better off learning what tricks they have up their sleeves. (Just because they make it look effortless doesn't mean it is, after all.)

We went directly to relationship experts to discover exactly what it is about these women that makes men fall for them like no other, and it turns out that their secrets are simple. In fact, any woman, no matter how shy or nervous, can put these tips to good use and see a huge difference in her love life.

Here are 4 personality traits high-value women have that make them attractive to potential relationship partners.

1. They're fiercely independent.

Strong women know what they want out of life, and — more importantly — they know that if they want something, they have to get it for themselves. Taking that kind of initiative doesn't scare them; it's just part of who they are naturally.

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This quality is extremely important when it comes to dating, too. "Be independent," says Arianna Thomopulus, relationship expert, influencer and founder of The Modern Day Girlfriend. "No one likes to feel they’re the sole purpose for someone else's happiness."

"I have a quote that states, 'You never want someone to complete your life, you want them to complement it,'" she continues. "And be strong, both figuratively and literally. You don't have to be strong all the time, but let him know you got this!"

And she's right! Incredibly attractive women live for themselves and nobody else.

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2. They don't need a man — they want one.

Guys have a kind of sixth sense for desperation in women, and they usually don't find it attractive (and if they do, they probably have shady motives anyway). For strong women, having a man in their lives isn't a necessity, it's a plus.



According to expert Sarah Kowolski, life coach, doula and founder of Motherhood Reimagined, this applies even when you feel like your biological clock is ticking faster than you'd like.

"Don’t desperately search for a baby daddy, even if you're approaching the end of your fertility," she recommends. "Men can smell the desperation and urgency to have a baby pronto, and it usually makes them bolt."

What Kowalski is saying is that instead of settling for a man just to have one, keep in mind that wanting a relationship comes from feeling empowered, while needing one is a result of desperation.

As she adds, "Instead, if you're reaching 40 and really want a baby, go have a baby on your own and return to finding a romantic partner afterward. You remove desperation and urgency from your life, and show that you're independent, self-possessed and not afraid to make your dreams a reality. That combination is irresistible to the right man."

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3. They're confident in themselves.

Strong women know exactly who they are, and aren't afraid to show it. That quality is one of the many things that great guys love about them.

"Be confident. Don’t be cocky or ego-driven, but do remember and know your worth and what you bring to the table," Thomopulus says. And don't be afraid to show off your unique quirks or even your wild side once in a while. Adds Thomopulus, "Men want to know you have a healthy appetite, not only at the table but for life as well."

A woman who is confident carries herself differently, and men definitely notice that distinction.



"There's something incredibly attractive about a woman who loves herself, is comfortable in her own skin, and embraces all that she is. She stands tall, appreciates her unique qualities and sees that she is beautiful in her own way," says life coach Jessica Brighton.

Brighton refers to this as what many people call "self-love" and stresses that though it's difficult, once you fall in love with your true self, so will others.

"I spent most of my life feeling insecure, comparing myself to others and focusing on what I wasn’t as opposed to what I was," she says. "Once I recognized that my uniqueness was a gift and appreciated who I was and the experiences that shaped me, others began to take notice and appreciated me for who I was and what I had been through in my life.”

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4. They don't play games.

Guys who are actually worth your time aren't going to be playing games, so why should you? After all, as an attractive, high-quality woman, there's no room for wasting time playing games.



Janet Ong Zimmerman, courtship and relationship mentor at Love for Successful Women, explains, "Strong women who are incredibly attractive communicate openly, knowing that it’s essential to a meaningful and harmonious relationship."

An attractive, strong woman also doesn't hide how she feels; she is open with her partner and makes room for them to feel the same, in turn. As Zimmerman notes, "By expressing their true thoughts and feelings, they're understood and their partner feels safe to open up and share in return. In difficult situations, they listen openly and communicate respectfully."

This is one of the most important traits of an attractive woman. She knows what she wants and she doesn't waste a moment pretending to be anyone else.

So, for all the women out there who want to be attractive to potential romantic partners, know that you don't have to change yourself; you just need to be yourself and be proud of it. That is what will really make potential love matches find you irresistible.

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