What You See First In This Visual Test Reveals What People Notice When They Meet You

Optical Illusion Personality Test

First impressions are important. It's something you grow up hearing from people like your parents and teachers, but it isn't really something that you think too much about.

Sure, when you have a job interview you do your best to dress the part, and when you meet a group of new people you always give a firm handshake and a smile, but other than that, when it comes to first impressions, all you do is keep careening through life hoping that you don't upset anyone — or at least that you don't upset them off too badly.

That's because it's almost impossible to know what people think the first time they meet us. That's just fine, too.

We shouldn't waste our time trying to interpret what other people think of us. All we need to really worry about is living our most authentic lives and wasting no time on people who reject us based on their incorrect interpretations of who we happen to be.

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Still, it's only natural to be curious about what people notice about us, especially in the precious few moments when we're making our "first impressions."

If you really want to know what people notice first when they meet you, this personality is designed to determine just that.

Just look at the image below and pay close attention to the first thing that catches your eye. Then, scroll down to find out what this personality test reveals about what people see when they meet you for the first time.

Photo: Oleg Shuplyak

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1. If you saw the horse

If you saw the horse first, the thing people notice about you when they meet you is your intense eye contact.

At first, they might find this a little bit jarring, but once they speak to you for even a second longer, they will realize that the intense eye contact belies an ability to make and maintain deep connections.

Don't be thrown off by people who don't seem to know what to make of you at first. Give them time and they will come around.

2. If you saw the musician

If you saw the musician first, the thing people notice about you when they meet you is your sense of humor.

Even when it's just saying "hello," you have a way of making people know that you're always up for a laugh and that your unique worldview is funny enough to interest practically anyone.

You attract almost everyone you meet, but that doesn't mean you need to make everyone a part of your inner circle.

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3. If you saw the head

If you saw the head first, the thing people notice about you when they meet you is your ability to put others at ease.

With your warm handshake and your kind smile, you have the sort of vibe that invites people from all walks of life to talk to you because they know that they will be heard.

Be sure to find friends who nurture you the way you naturally nurture those around you.

4. If you saw the tree

If you saw the tree first, the thing people notice about you when they meet you is your strength.

Your presence alone makes people feel safe and secure. You have a way about you that creates a sense of fairness and calm.

You protect those around you and lead from your heart. You will often be the one who becomes the "ringleader" of your friend group.

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