Nurse Reveals The 'Offensive Tattoo' That His Co-Worker Complained About

It's not what you think.

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Alex Kim is a pediatric travel nurse who shows his life through his TikTok account, documenting his daily routine in the hospital and revealing the ups and downs of working as a medical professional.

Recently, Kim had an important anniversary at work, sharing that it’s been one year since he was written up for something very specific.

The nurse revealed the ‘offensive tattoo’ that his co-worker complained about.

He commented that getting written up for his tattoo was “the dumbest thing that’s ever happened to me, ever, in my career as a nurse.”




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Kim’s co-worker at the hospital allegedly reported him because she found his tattoo “offensive.”

He had an imaginary conversation with his followers, saying, “You’re probably wondering, ‘Alex, why is that crazy? You had an offensive tattoo.’ And you’re right, you know, my tattoo was too offensive, and I am a nurse working in pediatrics.”


“You best bet that my tattoo better be family-friendly and appropriate for the workplace,” he continued.

Pew Research Center conducted a survey that found that 32% of adults have a tattoo and 22% have more than one.

The decision behind getting a tattoo is a distinctly personal one. According to the Pew survey, 69% of people with tattoos reported that they got their tattoos to honor someone or remember something, 47% said they got a tattoo to express a statement of their beliefs and 32% said they got a tattoo to improve their appearance.

Nurse Reveals The Offensive Tattoo That His Co-Worker Complained About Photo: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock


The Pew survey included a question on what people without tattoos thought of people who do have them, finding that 29% have a negative impression of tattooed people. Yet 66% reported that seeing a person with a tattoo had no adverse or positive effect on them, instead, they felt neutral. 

Eighty percent believed that society has become more accepting of tattoos, demonstrating how changes occur over time. Tattoos used to be viewed as unprofessional to display in the workplace, and while it seems that attitudes are changing, some people, like Kim’s co-workers, still have a negative view.

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Kim marked the one-year anniversary of being written up for his tattoo by revealing it to the world.

“I’m gonna show you guys my tattoo,” he exclaimed. “If you can’t handle it, please don’t watch this.”


After his warning, Kim showed off his ink: a line drawing of two cartoon cats.

“I wish I was joking,” he said after the reveal. “Apparently my co-worker had a really negative take on my tattoo. Maybe she’s like, really allergic to cats and so when she sees my tattoo, it flares up her allergies.”

While it was most likely a hassle at the time, Kim could see the humor in the situation in hindsight. Yet he did note that he wished there had been a conversation between himself and his co-worker to discuss the issue, rather than him just getting written up and reprimanded.

Kim invited his followers to see what a day in his life as a pediatric nurse is like, giving a glimpse into the highs and lows of his career.

Nursing is an inherently challenging profession: The schedule is demanding, the pay is low, and the work of providing medical caregiving is taxing in an emotional and physical sense. 




Kim touched specifically on the issue of pay inequity in nursing, noting, “Right now, I get paid 34 bucks an hour and I learned that new graduates, new nurses, are getting paid $35 an hour.”

“I just love my job,” he continued, offering insight as to why he puts up with being underpaid. “I just like taking care of babies. I like taking care of kids.”


“The best part of my whole job [is] the patients, honestly,” he shared. “People like to complain about their patients. I love my patients, but I just wish I got paid a little bit more because I’m so tired of living in an apartment.”

He ended the post with footage of himself cuddling his real-life cat, saying, “We’ll get there.”

Loving your work is a valuable part of feeling professionally fulfilled, yet being fairly compensated is another major factor for job satisfaction, especially in a career as difficult as nursing. 

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