Bonne Année! 7 New Year's Eve Traditions From Around The Globe

These fun and intriguing NYE traditions are sure to pique your interest.

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With 365 days filled with possibilities, there's no question that a lot can happen in a year. Having the possibility of love, heartbreak, and success resting on your shoulders would leave anything feeling exhausted.

But whether you experienced the good, the bad or a mix of both, the mere thought of a new year — a chance to start with a clean slate — should make you hopeful and excited for what's to come.


And what's the best way to go out with the old and in with the new? By celebrating, of course!

While it isn't uncommon for people to gather with their family and friends, throw on some party hats and create a big bang to welcome the New Year, there are actually many different ways of celebrating around the world that are really fascinating.

After all, celebrating the triumphs and tribulations we treaded through this past year (as well as looking forward to the new experiences that await us in the upcoming one) is nothing new.

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Ultimately, it's up to you to decide how to bring in the New Year, whether that means gathering around the TV to watch the ball drop in Times Square, hitting the bar up with some friends or sharing a passionate kiss with your loved one.

These fun and intriguing NYE traditions from around the globe are sure to pique your interest. And who knows, maybe they'll inspire you and your favorite people to create a new and exciting tradition of your own!

Seven New Year's traditions from around the world

1. Carrying around an empty suitcase.

If you're wishing for a year full of travel and adventure, many Colombians believe that strutting around the block a few times with your empty suitcase will bring you just that.

2. Wear red undergarments for love.

In many parts of Latin America, your choice of underwear is believed to predict your new year. If you're looking for love, pick up some red lingerie for New Year's Eve and hope for the best!


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3. Eating a stack of crêpes.

Some people in France celebrate the New Year by eating a stack of delicious crêpes (which are similar to pancakes). It is believed that they bring luck and good health.

4. Dressing in white.

In Brazil, sporting white attire on New Year's is significant. White is seen as the color of success, which is why many Brazilians choose to celebrate the New Year dressed in white.

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5 Jumping into the New Year.

In Denmark, many people like to literally jump into the new year. The minute the clock strikes midnight, they'll leap off a chair in hopes that their jump will bring good luck into the new year.


6. Eating twelve grapes by midnight.

Grapes are apparently the fruit of happiness in Spain; it's a Spanish tradition to eat twelve grapes on New Year's by midnight.

Each grape signifies a month of the new year. The sweet ones represent the good months, while the sour grapes represent the not so great ones.



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7. Wearing polka dots.

Many residents of the Philippines wear polka dot patterned clothing on New Year's in hopes for a prosperous new year. The circular patterns are said to bring fortune and wealth.

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