A Mom Sits Back And Watches Her Teacher Friend Shut Down Her Son's Tantrum In Only 10 Seconds

“We choose to love each other’s families as our own and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

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Being a parent can be wonderful — once you weed through teenage and toddler tantrums, screaming, crying, public embarrassment, and overwhelming anxiety. Jokes aside, it takes more energy than any one person has to be a “perfect parent.” It’s nearly impossible. 

Some days, parents weather the storm of arguments with grace, and other times, it’s a success just to get kids dressed and out the door. Especially in modern times, when there are such impossible expectations for parents, it’s almost essential to rely on the social, financial, and emotional support of a community to raise a child. 


Whether it’s for a break or for parenting advice, loved ones and chosen family can truthfully make raising children that much more bearable — something that creator and mom, Jacki-Lyn Lowry, expresses on her TikTok page. 

In a recent video from a vacation, Lowry showed her friend stepping in to “shut down” a tantrum from her young son, inevitably dividing the comment section and sparking a discussion about collaborative parenting. 

A mom’s friend stepped in to ‘shut down’ a tantrum from her son in less than 10 seconds. 

“Teacher friends are the best friends,” she wrote in the caption of her video. “Minding my own business while [she] handles my child’s tantrum.” 




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From an outside perspective, it’s easy to pass judgment on another person’s parenting strategies or skills. However, the reality is that the best way to parent is the way that works for you and your children.

As Lowry's young toddler approached her and started an emotional argument, the mom’s friend was quick to step into the frame. She redirected the boy away from the toy he wanted while advocating for respectful language in return. 


As she prompted a “yes, ma’am” from the little boy, it was impossible to ignore how well-behaved the child seemed to be as he nodded in agreement with this close friend’s suggestions and walked away from the camera. 

Commenters praised the mom for both her son’s response and her own openness to letting a friend ‘correct’ her child. 

“I truly believe it helps kids’ bad behaviors even more when close friends and family also correct the behavior,” one commenter wrote. “Not just mom!” 

"I love when parents allow others to correct their kid’s behavior," another user commented. "It truly takes a village. Good for you, mommy!"



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While every parent does things a little bit differently, it’s clear that this child is learning to respect and listen to more than just his parents, something that’s been a hot topic in recent media with discourse about teachers’ experiences in the classroom. 

As studies show poor behavior rising in young students — including tantrums, poor listening skills, and disrespect — many teachers are quick to place the blame on modern parenting styles, naming a “lack of accountability” and neglectful parenting as the reason for spikes in behavioral issues post-pandemic. 

While it’s clear there’s no single reason for these issues in schools, crafting better students and tiny humans does start at home. Showing up for kids, giving them appropriate discipline, and showing them what it means to respect every person you come in contact with is the foundation for raising a well-rounded child. 

Mom Watches Her Teacher Friend Shut Down Her Son’s Tantrum In 10 SecondsPhoto: Ground Picture / Shutterstock


So, while some commenters condemned this mom for allowing her friend to step in and “parent” for her, others praised her for both her son’s response and her openness to redirection from her “teacher friend.” 

The mom and her friend admitted that ‘it takes a village’ to raise their kids, and they don’t hesitate to treat each other’s children as their own. 

While it seems this mom is new to TikTok, her initial video has garnered almost seven million views. Since it’s been uploaded, she’s taken to posting several more videos of her parenting life alongside her best friend and “village.” 



“Motherhood really does take a village," wrote one TikTok user. "We should normalize coming as you are, jumping in to put your friend’s groceries away, and helping with the kids.” 


If a best friend is there to support you through a breakup, a job transition, or any other tumultuous time, why would they not help you with parenting?

We’re living in a harsh, competitive world where toxic individualism and isolation are running rampant — do your best to be there for your friends, your friends’ families, and anyone else in your life who might need support. 

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