Mom Who Worked Until 2:30AM Woke Up To Her Entire House Painted By Her 4-Year-Old — People Think It's Her Fault

People are saying he shouldn't be left unsupervised — but a mom needs her sleep!

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Young kids have minds of their own, which can make parenting a major challenge. When coupled with insatiable curiosity, kids' ways of experimenting with the world can sometimes lead to trouble and a messy house — or both, as one woman recently discovered.

A mom-of-three went on TikTok to explain how the unsupervised actions of her 4-year-old led to a literal rude awakening.

Peyote, who describes herself in her TikTok bio as the “mother of 3 beautiful children,” posted a video of her house covered in errant streaks of house paint while her young son can be heard in the background saying, “I love you, mommy,” by way of an apology.


“My 4-year-old is an artist,” reads the caption beneath her TikTok post.

In the video, Peyote shows various parts of her home covered in slate-blue paint. The fridge door, the floor, the front door, and the coffee table are all painted.

“I woke up to this, this morning,” Peyote’s voice is heard behind the camera. 



Her son can be heard exclaiming his love for her, and she tells him that she loves him, too. 


“This is my life,” she states. “I’m exhausted. It’s everywhere.”

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Peyote posted a follow-up video in which she explained just how her son’s handiwork came to be.

Peyote states in her explanation post that she worked until 2:30 in the morning, and then only slept for an hour and a half before waking up to get her older kids off to school.



“I didn’t get home from work until 2:30 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep, [and] didn’t fall asleep until almost 5 o’clock. I was up at 6:30 with my daughters to get them up and off to school. When my oldest left, right before 8 o’clock, my son, the artist, was still asleep. So I decided I was going to get some more sleep,” Peyote stated. “I had only had an hour and a half at that point. I woke up to that mess in my house.”


Peyote went on to say that “the paper towels, everything on the floor, was [her son] trying to clean up the paint off the floor.”   

She keeps a camera in the living room that captured her son using a paint roller to paint the house. 



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“At 8:30, he opened up the paint can, dumped it into a paint pan, and was using a roller and a paintbrush. By 8:50 he was done with his mission.” 


Peyote described the situation as “very stressful.”

“I had a gaggle of people here yesterday helping me clean it up,” she stated, explaining that her son accessed the paint can because it was “left where the rest of the paint cans are.”

“I bought the house a year ago and when the old owners left, they left a bunch of paint cans in the bottom of the bathroom closet. They have been there for a year; my son has not touched them,” Peyote explained.  “My oldest daughter decided she was going to paint the kids' playroom the other day and she did not put the lid back on properly. So my son took a butter knife and opened the paint can.”

Peyote took the best possible outlook in a difficult situation by acknowledging that “accidents happen."

She also acknowledged that a past version of her was judgmental of other parents when they posted videos such as the one she posted, but now that she’s lived through it, she understands how these situations occur and has more compassion.


“I’ve always been the first person to open a video like this and go ‘where...was the parent?’ I now know where...the parent was. I was just trying to get a little more sleep.”

She explained that her son usually comes into her room to wake her if she’s still asleep in the mornings, but that one morning, “he was on a mission.”

“I’m a single mom raising three kids, doing the best I can,” Peyote said. “I work late at night, so sometimes [stuff] happens," she added. "I hope nothing this bad ever happens again.”

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