Mom Admits She Has A Camera In Her 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Room — But It’s Only Turned On For One Activity

The mom had a clear reason for putting a camera in her teen's room.

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More often than not, raising kids is a balancing act, an exercise in patience, keeping the peace, and picking your battles.

Each era of parenting comes with its own set of challenges. In toddlerhood, being a parent revolves around setting boundaries so kids feel safe enough to flourish. By middle school, it means helping your kids figure out who they are and how to express themselves.

Mom and content creator Nesby revealed the room makeover she designed for her daughter, only to be called out for a specific feature.


The mom admitted to putting a camera in her 13-year-old daughter's room, but it’s only used for one activity.

In the first recording she shared, Nesby filmed her daughter standing in front of her bedroom door, which was wrapped in ribbons, like a present.

@islandgyaltica For her birthday this year she wanted a new room. She will be gone most of the summer so I decided to do it before she left. She did give me lots of ideas and the final results turned out so good. Tom boyish with a little girly vibe. She was extremely happy and greatful. Prays that she will sleep in her own room now 🙄🙄#roommakeover #roomreveal #girly #tomboy #amazon #aesthetic #girlythings #nike #teenroom #bedroommakeover #bedroomupgrade ♬ original sound - Island Gyal Tica

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“Go ahead, open it!” the mom urged.

“I’m scared!” her daughter replied, but when she pushed the door open, her jaw dropped in amazement.

The girl ran through the room that her mom remade as a surprise for her birthday, admiring all of the accessories and decorations in her “new teen room.”

The teen expressed a sweet, unfiltered joy as she explored the new bedroom her mom had designed for her.

“My shoe rack!” The teen exclaimed before running to her desk, where her mom had put her favorite flavor of Skittles next to her computer.

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Yet eagle-eyed followers noticed something else above the desk: a small camera mounted on the wall.

Nesby openly admitted to installing a camera in her daughter’s room, and she wasn’t about to apologize for doing so.

“This is the number one question I got about having a camera in my daughter’s room,” the mom said. “Yes, there is a camera.”


The mom explained that the camera in her daughter’s room was used for one particular purpose, which she and her daughter agreed on.

“It is right above the computer so I can see what she’s got going on whenever she’s using it,” the mom said. “Whenever she’s not on the computer, she knows that she can unplug the camera, so she can still have her own privacy when she’s in her room.”

Most of the people who left comments for the mom commended her for putting in a camera to monitor her daughter’s internet activity. They acknowledged the value of giving teenagers space for themselves while also putting rules in place to protect them.

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“Privacy is so important, but internet safety is even more important nowadays,” one person said. “What an amazing way to respect privacy while keeping her safe.”

“As somebody who grew up with helicopter parents, I wish we met halfway in the middle like this to gain trust,” one young woman said.

Part of letting kids grow up is accepting the fact that they’re going to take risks, make mistakes, and get into trouble. All parents want to protect their kids as much as possible, yet giving them some amount of freedom is necessary for their development.


When parents establish direct, open lines of communication with their kids, they build a foundation of trust and acceptance that allows their children to come into their own in a safe and supportive environment.   

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