Mom Defends Her Decision To Pay Potential Nanny $10 An Hour — 'Perfect For The Grandma Type Who Wants To Hang Out With My 1-Year-Old'

"We cannot afford this ‘$15/$20’ an hour stuff."

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A frustrated mother took to an online parenting forum to vent about being on the hunt for a third nanny after things didn’t work out with the first two that she employed.

However, many people believed that it was her own fault given her expectations of a potential nanny versus what she paid them.

The mother believed that $10 an hour was an appropriate wage to pay her part-time nanny.

A screenshot of the mother’s post, which she shared on the Facebook group “Nanny Matching,” was posted on the subreddit r/antiwork.


The woman complained about dealing with nannies who either “ghosted” her or stopped showing up to their shifts, adding that she was currently searching for her third nanny to hire to help her with her 1-year-old.

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“I’m not asking for much; just play with my child,” she wrote. “I have a CORPORATE job that I have DEADLINES FOR. Some of these girls clearly don’t understand what a deadline is or how the corporate environment is.”

The mother added that her husband is deployed, and she has little help.

She expressed her need to hire a part-time nanny who could work Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The pay is $10 an hour. 

“This ISN’T money to LIVE OFF of; it’s side money,” the woman wrote, claiming that the job is “perfect for the older mom/grandma type that wants to hang out with my 1-year-old.”

The woman wrote that her son is “sweet” and that she needs help "ASAP" without having to adjust the pay. “We cannot afford this ‘$15/$20’ an hour stuff. Serious inquiries only,” she wrote.


However, many people said that the mother is unlikely to have any luck finding a nanny with her current hourly rate.

“I get child care is expensive, and you need some help, but $10/hour was what I was making as a high school babysitter in 2001. That ... ain't gonna cut it no more,” one Redditor commented.

“If you want to pay me ‘side money,’ then don't get upset when I make you a ‘side priority,’” another user wrote.

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“Ever heard of the phrase, ‘You get what you pay for?’” another user noted, suggesting that the reason the woman had unreliable nannies was because of how much she paid them.

Although nanny salaries depend on location, experience, hours, and how many children you are looking after during one shift, the average nanny makes $19.15 per hour.

They tend to be a bit more expensive than daycare, given that they offer more personalized and private care to children.  

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Although childcare costs can be difficult for even working parents to manage, most nannies would agree that a fair wage is more than just “side money” since many of them make nannying their full-time jobs.

If they are not given a livable wage, then they will most likely not put in the effort parents expect from them.

She could look into enrolling her child in daycare, which shouldn’t be too difficult if he is as “sweet” as she claims he is.


Or if she is insistent on hiring a nanny, she must be willing to pay them what they are worth.

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