A Nanny For A Rich Family Shares Her Schedule And Perks — And Now People Are Dusting Off Their Resumés

Watching 'Paw Patrol' and napping on the job? Who wouldn't want to work as a nanny?

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Callie is a nanny for a rich family, and she recently went viral after posting about the back-breaking work that goes into nannying for a rich family. Totally kidding — the way she put it makes it sound like a dream.

She talks about why it’s the best thing ever for her and explains what she did for a whole day of work, which doesn’t sound like much at all.

The nanny described what a day in the life of being a nanny for a rich family looks like.

Callie’s day of work as a nanny consists of watching "Paw Patrol" and taking a nap. At least, part of it does.


She explains what her whole day consisted of in a viral clip she posted on September 13, 2023, which reached over 6.3 million views. “Being a nanny for rich people — best thing ever. Listen to my day,” she said.

“First, got to work, watched an episode of 'Paw Patrol', okay. Those Paws? They can get it,” she starts. “And then, after Hampton and I dropped off his brothers at school, we went through the Starbucks line and got a little Fall drink. A little cake pop.”



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But that’s not all. Next, Callie was able to meet with her personal trainer and work out while Hampton, the child she was nannying, went to play — not sure how many people could say they can get a workout in while they’re at work.

Once she finished working out, Callie took a shower and put on a “cute little dress” because up next in their itinerary was volunteering at the old folks' home down the street. “We sang, we danced, we bought flowers for the little old ladies,” she says, “and then we immediately went home for a three-hour nap — and guess who napped? Hampton, and me.”

She claimed that the house was spotless — the cleaners came and the laundry fairy came, so all that was left to do was wait until she had to go pick up Hampton’s brothers from school. “We’re gonna go through the Chick-fil-A line, get them a little snack snack snack, and then I go home,” she says.

That’s the end of her day. Of course, thanks to the viral sensation that her video became, thousands of people had questions about her job as a nanny and, most importantly, how they could sign up.


While she didn’t expose any of her industry secrets, she did post a small follow-up FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that explained some of the perks of her job.

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There are a lot of perks that come from Callie’s nannying job — but it’s not all golden.

“The main question I get is do they pay for everything? Yes, I have their credit card,” she explains. “Hampton and I will go meet a nanny friend for breakfast — they pay for it. Starbucks, they pay for it. That includes the car and the gas. I don't have… I don't use my car. I use their car. They have a specific car for me.”

Similar to the same question about what they pay for is the question of how much they pay her, which is a whopping 30 to 35 dollars per hour. She says it depends on how many kids she’s handling at once.


According to ZipRecruiter, Callie is an outlier — making more than 75% of nannies in the US.



However, the answer to the next question makes the job seem a little less than a fairy tale and more like what it is actually filled with. Someone asked why it looks like she dresses badly, and she claims it’s because the day chews her up and spits her out.

“It's just by the time I make a TikTok, I'm destroyed from the day. If you’ve ever been around a freaking child, you got… You get dirty, you get beat up,” she explains.


Of course, being a nanny or taking care of children at all is no easy feat, but being paid 30 to 35 dollars in order to do it might actually just be worth the trouble, especially when they don’t care about you posting about it on TikTok and getting millions of views.

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