27 Stunning Mandala Tattoos With Deep Meanings

Not only are mandalas beautiful on both men and women, they have deep-rooted meanings.

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One of the best parts about Mandala tattoos is their versatility.

Mandalas, geometric designs that represent the universe and the interconnectivity of its many parts, can be worked into other images, be black and white or color, can be any number of sizes, and even combine well in meaning with other significant ideas or representations.

Mandela Tattoo Meaning

Mandalas come from Hindu and Buddhist traditions and have historically been used as tools for meditation and the spiritual journey. When painted into the sand they are even said to have healing properties, and so when a monk completes a mandala, they will thereafter spread the sands from it.


Mandalas can be found in artwork dating back to the eighth century all the way up to the present, and they’re increasingly popular among westerners.

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There’s no denying the appeal of mandalas, from their meaning to their appearance. Classic mandalas are often colorful and are perfect for large tattoos on the chest, back, or legs.


You can modify mandalas to fill in your favorite animal or frame flowers—or even build them into edgier tattoos that are sharper and bolder.

Whether your mandala will be on display or for viewing only, it will undoubtedly be a beautiful piece of art. Just make sure that what mandalas represent actually fits into your beliefs before committing to it being in your skin for the rest of your life!

If you’re in the market for a new tattoo and think a mandala will suit you, scroll down to find examples of mandala tattoos that can inspire your future ink.

Mandala Tattoo Designs & Ideas

1. Watercolor Mandala Tattoo

For those of you who feel particularly connected to oceans, lakes, and rivers, or who just prefer more colorful tattoos, consider a watercolor background for your mandala piece.


2. Minimalist Mandala Tattoo

If you're a fan of tiny tattoos, you can still get a Mandala tattoo! It might be easier to get a less traditional mandala in this case, though.

3. Mandala Coverup Tattoo

Mandalas can easily become a larger work that covers your back, chest, arms, or legs. You can go for more or less shading, but more might make a Mandala perfect for a coverup tattoo.


mandala back coverup tattooPhoto: Justin Chrn / Unsplash

4. Reminder Mandala Tattoo

Tattoos commonly serve as a way to repeat messages or ideas to ourselves. Get a mandala in a place that's easy for you to see to remind yourself of the big picture.

5. Elephant Mandala Tattoo

You might get a tattoo of an animal because of what they symbolize, or simply because they're your favorite. There are some really creative ways to work a mandala into that same tattoo.


6. Floral Mandala Tattoo

Why not include some of nature's beauty in your tattoo? Like mandalas, flowers can teach us about appreciation and the impermanence of life.

7. Neo-Traditional Mandala Tattoo

If traditional mandalas aren't quite your style, or if more popular tattoo spots aren't your thing, adapt the mandala design or put it in a less common place.


neotraditional mandala back tattooPhoto: TinaFotografie / Shutterstock

8. Delicate Mandala Tattoo

If elegance is what you seek, build a little bit of lace into your design. You can also add a necklace-like shape and dangle to your tattoo for the best permanent jewelry.

9. Small Mandala Tattoo

Put a little pep in your step with a small mandala tattoo.


10. Full Sleeve Mandala Tattoo

If mandalas express ideas you care deeply about you might work some into a bigger piece. Make a positive statement with bold ink work.

11. Mandala Back Tattoo

If you meditate on mandalas you might put one in a symbolic place such as the center of your shoulder blades to represent how your practice "centers" you. Consider what mandalas do for you and pick a place based on that!


small mandala back tattooPhoto: Yolya Ilyasova / Shutterstock

12. Armband Mandala Tattoo

Carry the message of the mandalas everywhere you go with an armpiece. You don't need a full sleeve.

armband mandala tattooPhoto: Microgen / Shutterstock


13. Linework Mandala Tattoo

While traditional mandalas are rather intricate, those with a more minimalistic style can opt for linework.

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14. Leg Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoos look good anywhere, including in a leg band.

15. Neck Mandala Tattoo

The curves of the mandala make perfect neck placement.

neck mandala tattooPhoto: Seyi Ariyo / Unsplash


16. Pointillism Mandala Tattoo

Keep it simple with minimal dot work.

17. Detailed Back Mandala Tattoo

The back is a large canvas for tattoo artists to show off their detailed work.


18. Simple Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas can get very intricate, but there is something beautiful about simple mandalas, too.

bicep mandala tattooPhoto: Kinga Cichewicz / Shutterstock


19. Intricate Mandala Sleeve

Turn your arm into a work of art.

20. Flowers and Mandala Tattoo

Combine styles by adding some florals to your mandala tattoo.

21. Owl Mandala Tattoo

Owls have a deep spiritual meaning that will compliment your mandala.


22. Forehead Mandala Tattoo

Face tattoos are very popular these days and the mandala is a simple tattoo that works well on the forehead.


23. Elbow Mandala Tattoo

The circular design of the mandala wraps around the elbow perfectly.

24. Pointilism Chest Mandala

Mandalas are popular chest pieces.


25. Heart-Shaped Mandala

Change things up a bit by adding a different shape to your mandala.

26. Mandala Tattoo Around an Eye

Change up the center of your mandala.


27. Mandala Band Tattoo

Turn the mandala into a band that wraps around your arm.

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