Man Tells Women To ‘Stay In The Damn House’ To Avoid Crimes Happening To Them

The problem is not women leaving their homes.

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After the disappearance of a Houston woman, a man is urging other women to “stay in the damn house” if they want to avoid the same fate. 

However, women appear to have a different idea, and it involves encouraging men to change their behavior.

The man told women to just stay inside to protect themselves from danger following the disappearance of a woman in Texas. 

On March 6, Christina Johnson vanished while walking her dog, Max. The Houston police were stumped as to what could have happened to her, but many people feared the worst, as she was a young woman who was walking alone. It was assumed that she was kidnapped, trafficked, assaulted, or even killed. 


Thankfully, she was found safely two weeks later, and investigators are piecing together what exactly happened. 

Before she turned up again, a man named Flo took to TikTok to share Johnson’s story along with a message for other women. 



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“Women, stay in the damn house!” he urged, claiming that the streets are not safe for them. 

While many women feel uneasy while walking alone for various reasons, others pointed out that staying inside is not an appropriate solution. 

Instead, they requested that men change their behavior so they would not fear walking by themselves as much. 

“Here’s a wild idea, instead of telling women to stay in the house, let’s tell men to stop raping, assaulting, and murdering women,” TikTok user @mylifemusings responded in her own video to the man. 



“And a side note, staying in the house doesn’t help us either due to the levels of intimate partner violence that women are subjected to.” 


“You know what I never hear? I never hear, ‘Men, leave women alone!’ ‘Men, stop making women feel uncomfortable.’ ‘Men, stop being weird,’” TikTok user Stacey pointed out of Flo’s commentary.



“How about men stay in the house?” another user, @flowersandskulls, suggested. 



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Many women feel apprehensive every time they walk alone. 

Data from the Office for National Statistics out of the U.K. highlighted that one in two women feel especially unsafe waking alone on their own street corner at night, compared to one in seven men. 

44% of women aged 16 to 34 years had experienced catcalls, whistles, unwanted sexual comments or jokes, and 29% had felt like they were being followed while walking alone. 

Unfortunately, some women who venture out alone do not even live to tell the tale. 

Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher was abducted and killed by a man while she was out on her morning jog. 

Sarah Everard was raped and murdered by a London police officer while she walked home alone. 


Laken Hope Riley was slain while going for a solo run. 

The most obvious solution to stop these murders and assaults from happening in the first place is by holding men accountable. 

Why should they get to wander the streets committing heinous acts against women while women are advised to stay locked away forever? 

The fact that some women are publicly stating that they would feel less afraid if they ran into a bear than a man in the woods if they were walking alone at night should say enough. 




Some things have got to change, and it is not the behavior of women who should be allowed to walk, run, or do whatever they need to do alone without fear. 

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