Man Can Tell If Someone Is A High Performer Just By Eavesdropping On 10 Seconds Of Dialogue

High performers are known for their dedication and determination.

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Most of us want to be high performers and to surround ourselves with other successful people. However, it can be difficult to know exactly what that means or how to accomplish it.

One man claimed he knew how to identify a high performer in a matter of seconds.

Mike Manzi, a sales expert who gives business advice on TikTok, recently discussed the difference between high and low performers. He claimed to be able to identify one such high performer based on just a snippet of dialogue. 


“I just overheard someone and, even in a 10-second conversation, I knew they were a high performer,” Manzi started his video.



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“They were some kid in college and they just were like, ‘You know, I don’t get it. As long as you just go to class, study, listen to what they’re talking about, and then try to apply it to your own personal life, how do you not get an A?’” he recounted. 

According to Manzi, this student was actually saying: "Do every single thing and then you do well."

He pointed out that this is exactly what sets high performers apart from low performers. “High performers see operating at the high level as just normal,” he said. “Versus low performers who are like, ‘You’ve got to study, go to class, think about it.’”

What is a high performer?



Sales company Visier took a look at what makes someone a high performer on their blog.


“High performers are employees who go above and beyond to contribute more than expected to their organizations,” Linda Pophal, marketing and communication strategist, wrote. “They are the employees who are highly productive, highly efficient, and who deliver a high level of service to internal and external customers.”

“High-performing employees contribute significantly to business goals and objectives, have a positive impact on organizational culture and employee engagement, and have a high potential for professional development and growth within the organization,” Pophal continued.

High performers are known for their dedication and determination. They give more than 100% in all that they do and bring that highly productive energy to any course or career they are involved in.

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How can you become a high performer?

If you feel you aren’t already a high performer, it’s not too late to develop the traits needed to become one.

Indeed listed multiple ways to become a high performer. They recommended a self-given performance review, in addition to setting performance goals for yourself. It’s also important to stay organized, communicate well, and limit distractions. 

Not everyone agreed with Manzi’s assessment.

Many online disagreed with Manzi's opinion on what constitutes a high performer.


“Life isn’t that black and white,” one person commented. “Learning disabilities and other roadblocks exist.” 

“High performers are hardly ever book smart,” another user wrote.

Several commenters pointed out that while this definition may be appropriate in sales — Manzi's realm of expertise — it is less accurate in other fields, particularly STEM.


Still, despite the pushback Manzi received, others online agreed with him. 

“My husband said the same thing about college, and he has done well in life,” another TikTok user shared. “I call him a machine because he works so long and hard.”

Opinions about high performers may be split, but it’s easy to see why companies would prefer to have high performers on staff. They give it their all and the results are obvious.

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