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Woman Calls Out Mom Who Filmed Her Two Teen Sons Walking In On Her Using The Bathroom — 'Is This Normal?'

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If you’re a mother, you know all too well how your kids always seem to need you most at the exact same moment you need some privacy. Whether you’re using the toilet or just want five minutes to yourself, they always know where to find you and won’t stop knocking until you open the door. 

However, one woman is completely baffled as to how, exactly, some parents allow their children to break into the bathroom while they’re using it — after they reach their teen years. 

The woman’s concerns come after seeing a video of a mother filming her two teenage sons walking in on her using the restroom. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over one million times, Sarah Lockwood, (@sarahthebookfairy) described the bathroom barging incident. The mom was using the toilet and two teenage boys entered the bathroom to tell her something that most likely could have waited until she was done.

“The mom was filming the video and she was like, ‘For all the moms out there, just know that it never ends! You never get privacy, your kids will always bother you!’” Lockwood shared.

The teenage boys were completely unphased by their mother on the toilet. Lockwood, however, was “horrified” by the video, and flocked to the comments section, where she expected people to share her thoughts. But she discovered that many people, most of them parents themselves, saw no issue with the video, revealing that it was a normal occurrence in their household as well.  



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“Everyone in the comments is like, ‘My kids do that too!’ and ‘My daughter’s 25 and still does this!’ and ‘Oh yea, my kids are adults and they always walk in while I’m peeing!’” 

She questioned why these parents don’t lock the bathroom door to keep their kids out and admits that the video may have been alarming to her given that she was raised in a more “private” household. “Am I the weird one?” she asked viewers. “I would never walk in while one of my parents is on the toilet … that feels so weird to me.” 

Other peoples’ opinions were divided on the matter.

“This is pretty normal in my house,” one TikTok user commented. “I'm 31 and I get personally offended at my mom when she locks me out of the bathroom when she's in there,” another user revealed. 

There were some who agreed with Lockwood and could not fathom having their kids walk in or walking on their parents while they were in the bathroom. 

“I stopped doing that at like five years old what is wrong with people,” one user wrote. 

“Nope. Boundaries are a must. I would never even think of doing that to my mom,” another user commented. 

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In the end, every family is different, with varying views and expectations when it comes to privacy. 

Parents of younger children may leave the door unlocked or open in order to keep an eye on little ones that could get into trouble within seconds, and some parents may even allow their children into the restroom with them not only for their children's own comfort and safety but also to teach them more about their own bodies. 

But the bigger question might be: why do children always seem to want to be let in during those few moments a parent needs to be alone? 

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“Around age two, the primary way in which kids connect is through ‘samesies,’ or being the same as their most special big people, their parents,” psychologist Vanessa Lapointe explained to Today’s Parent. “The child’s sense of this relationship is, in fact, essential to their survival and healthy development, so watching you, trying to figure it out, and maybe even practicing it are all part of this.” 

However, as children grow older and you begin to feel uncomfortable with them constantly barging in, it is up to you as a parent to set boundaries. You can start by distracting them with books and toys outside of the bathroom before you enter, and explain to them the concept of privacy because even though parents may not get much of it, that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve it! 

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