What It Means Spiritually If You Have A Dark Ring Around Your Eye

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If you haven’t noticed, people are born with a dark line around the iris of the eye called a limbal ring. People with green eyes may be more easily able to see theirs than those with brown eyes, but the black ring around the iris is a normal part of the eye.

Almost everyone is born with a limbal ring, but many of them fade away as we age, usually starting in our 20s. People with limbal rings that are prominent, specifically men, were found, in a 2017 study, to be more attractive. Beauty is subjective but it seems that a thick limbal ring around your eyes gives you a leg up in the looks department, according to some women.

What you might not know is that, for centuries, people have associated limbal rings with spiritual meanings. Depending on the depth of color and thickness, limbal ring symbolism varies and can be an omen of good things to come.

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What are limbal rings?

Now that we know limbal rings are a black outline around your iris that is present at birth for most of us but thin out as we age, let’s talk about possible concerns regarding them.

Long story short, limbal rings are not associated with any known medical conditions, so if you were worried, let it go.

With that said, if you happen to have a light blue or gray ring around your iris, you should get it checked out as it could be corneal arcus, a cholesterol deposit (high cholesterol) in the eye that could indicate a high risk for a stroke.

What do limbal rings symbolize?

From a spiritual perspective, generally, a limbal ring symbolizes good fortune, and several cultures believe it embodies knowledge and wisdom.

A prominent limbal ring is connected to spiritual health and your connection to the spiritual realm, and darker limbal rings are about intuition and psychic abilities.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and the limbal ring is thought to show the deepest thoughts and emotions of the person possessing it. Of course, due to its tendency to fade as people age, one that stands out is automatically attributed to youth.

Limbal Ring Spiritual Meanings

1. You're kind and compassionate.

A limbal ring in your eye means you give off an air of kindness to others. You are generous to people around you and understand that everyone is interconnected in this journey called life.

2. You're under protection.

A visible limbal ring in your eye is indicative of the divine connection between you and the universe. Your limbal ring, the universe, and your intuition keep you safe from negative energy and evil forces.

3. You're in a state of transformation.

A limbal ring can tell you that you are leaving one phase of life and entering another. You should make sure that door is closed before moving ahead and be open to new ideas and new ways of being. It is time to reinvent yourself.

4. You're very unique.

An eye without a limbal ring is rare and an indication of the uniqueness that is you. Your oddness should be celebrated and your confidence is through the roof because there is no one on the planet who is just like you.

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Limbal Ring Spiritual Meanings In Different Eye Colors

The meaning behind your limbal ring is closely tied to the color of your eyes. So, it is important to understand the connection between eye color and the spiritual meaning of the limbal ring surrounding it. In particular, brown and green eyes have specific spiritual meaning attached to them.

Brown Eye Limbal Ring Meaning

If you have brown eyes with a black limbal ring, you possess a deep inner strength and wisdom. You possess foresight that is almost psychic in nature. You bend, but never break.

Green Eye Limbal Ring Meaning

If your eyes are green with a black limbal ring, you are agile and smart. You think on your feet and make great decisions under pressure. Problem-solving and adaptability are your strong suits.

What does it mean to have a thin limbal ring?

Thin limbal rings mean that you are doing a balancing act between reality and your fantasy worlds. You need to keep your dreams at arm’s length and beware of letting your imagination take priority. The universe is telling you to avoid distractions and push through obstacles.

What does it mean to have a thick limbal ring?

A thick limbal ring is a symbol of inner beauty shining outward. You have a beautiful soul and are down to earth, warm, and inviting. You have a natural appeal that attracts people to you because you are approachable and give off welcoming energy.

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