7 Life Shortcuts That Actually Work

Some shortcuts are time-wasters; these aren't.

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There are no shortcuts in life. It's true but it's not. What do I mean? Most people do things like most other people. By simply doing the things most people don’t do, you take a shortcut around the experiences suffered by many. You aren’t like most people, and you can realize this through strategic actions. 

Here are 7 life shortcuts that actually work:

1. Ask for help at the top

Very few people dare to ask for help, ideas, or support, let alone ask people higher up the top of ‘the ladder.’ Making bold asks, whether it’s for mentorship, asking for a job, or simply to make a connection with someone a little out of your league, may frequently be met with rejection. But that doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally get what you ask for. When you do, you’ll be propelled.


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2. Be more consistent than most

Most people try things, experience a sense of loss or perceived failure, and then want to try something new. They use ‘novelty’ as an excuse to avoid struggling through more pain with the current project. They don’t see that by being consistent and staying on the path, they will eventually gain an elite advantage. This happens when their string of repetitions reaches a tipping point that looks like ‘overnight success’ to the stragglers.

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3. Do more than most

This is different from consistency, though consistency for many will result in doing far more than most. But here’s where you gain a sick advantage and create a funny kind of shortcut: combine doing more with being consistent. This isn’t about doing more for the sake of it. It’s about doing more with less. Instead of writing three articles weekly, write one a day if they work for you. Cut out the pointless stuff and do more of what works. Do it daily, and you will skyrocket further than anyone.

4. Study vertically

Gurus constantly tout the value of reading hundreds of books a year, absorbing summaries, and spreading your knowledge across a vast area. This is certainly better than learning nothing, but absolute mastery won’t be developed on the surface level. Choose a topic and study it in depth. You can master something specific, like persuasion, copywriting, or online marketing, quickly, for example, by going deep on the topic.

@aosinspires ❗️ Entrepreneurs stay focused & master just one thing first❗️ Mastering one thing as an entrepreneur before branching into multiple ventures has several key advantages: 1. Expertise and Depth: Focusing on one area allows you to develop deep expertise. Mastery often comes from continuous learning and experience, which can be challenging if your attention is spread across multiple businesses. 2. Quality Over Quantity: Concentrating your efforts on a single business or skill enables you to maintain a higher level of quality. This can lead to better products or services and a stronger reputation in your chosen field. 3. Resource Efficiency: Running multiple businesses can be resource-intensive, both in terms of time and money. By focusing on one, you can allocate your resources more efficiently, increasing your chances of success. 4. Building a Brand: Building a recognizable brand takes time and consistency. Mastering one business allows you to create a strong brand identity, which can be leveraged in the future if you decide to diversify. 5. Risk Management: Diversifying too early can spread you thin and increase the risk of failure in all your ventures. Focusing on one thing allows you to manage and mitigate risks more effectively. 6. Networking and Relationships: Mastering one field can help you build valuable relationships and connections within that industry. These relationships can open doors to opportunities and partnerships down the road. In summary, mastering one thing as an entrepreneur provides a solid foundation, increases your chances of success, and allows you to build expertise and resources that can be leveraged in the future. It's a strategic approach that often leads to more sustainable and profitable businesses in the long run. #Entrepreneur #Aosthepodcast #Aosinspires #Multiplestreams #Moneytalk #Millions #Moneymindset #Relationships #toxicrelationships #Relationshipadvice #8figurepodcast ♬ original sound - Aos The Podcast

5. Slow down

Yeah, I know. This one’s a bit cheeky to include in a serious personal development list, but hear me out. Most of us are rushing, and we create an overwhelming reality. Life moves fast to adapt to our speed. We make it easier to process data when we slow down, even if it’s a fraction. That’s an advantage, and an advantage is a kind of shortcut. Slow down physically to the speed of life. Talk a little slower. Take your time, and you will notice more. Your intelligence will jump, and your performance will increase.


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6. Create hybrid value combos

You can make life easier for yourself by increasing your real (and perceived) value. Consider your strengths, talents, and interests, and combine them into one thing that sets you apart. It could be that you take your interests in space, psychology, and being a good writer — so you write about what space travel teaches us about mental health. What hybrid value can you build?

7. Stop resisting what’s happening

It can be a destructive force that keeps us stuck and frustrated. When things don’t go how we want them to, we can get physically uptight and stew on what happened. This puts billions of us at a significant disadvantage, often without realizing it. We think worrying puts us in control when it just holds us back. Practice the art of non-resistance. It is what it is. Let go at every turn, and you will be stronger and instantly more creative. You’ll be who you were meant to be.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.