Kind Woman Sneaks Her Neighbor’s Outdoor Cats Inside Her House After The Temperature Dips To 8 Degrees

Cats do not belong in frigid temperatures.

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As temperatures around the country dip in the height of the winter season, many stray animals and pets kept outdoors find themselves shivering uncontrollably, looking for any source of warmth. 

When one woman discovered her neighbor’s pet cats outside in the snow, she decided to jump in and help them warm up. 

The woman snuck her neighbor’s cats inside her home when the temperatures outside dropped to 8 degrees. 

The woman, Marlenne, was safely enjoying the warmth of her Michigan home while the outdoor temperatures dipped to eight degrees when she noticed two of her neighbor’s cats outside. Although the cats were usually kept outdoors by her neighbor, Marlenne decided to open up her home for them to warm up. 


Initially, the animals were timid, with one of them cautiously peeking in and out of the open door while the other opted to stay back in the yard. 

After some gentle coaxing from Marlenne, who reminded the kitties just how cold it was outside, one of them eventually decided to come inside to escape the snow. 



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“It’s okay, you’re safe in here,” Marlenne said to the cat who was skeptical of the new environment. 

While the cat was clearly frightened and kept their distance from Marlenne, their soft meows appeared to be their way of saying thank you for saving them from the frigid outdoors! 



Eventually, Marlenne decided to house the cats in her garage. She placed a box complete with a warm bed and blanket on the floor. 


“I’m gonna leave the lid on top with a little bit of the side open, and hopefully they’ll go inside the box,” she said. 



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People praised Marlenne for her kind actions. 

“How could anyone be so cruel!?! Thank you for being a safe space and showing compassion,” one TikTok user commented. 


“My anger at these neighbors. They should not be left outside!! Thank you for trying to help,” another user wrote. 



Others shared pieces of advice on how to make the cats feel more comfortable going inside, such as placing a can of tuna fish on the floor or leaving the door open for them. 

When cats live outside, they face the risk of fleas, feline diseases, or being harmed by other animals and people. 



Cats also do not do well in cold temperatures. According to PetMD, cats can tolerate temperatures 45 degrees or higher. Anything lower than that is detrimental to their health, and they can suffer from frostbite on their paws and ears, hypothermia, and even death. 


During winter weather emergencies, cat owners must ensure that their pets are kept in a safe, warm place indoors rather than outside to fend for themselves. 

Keeping them exclusively indoors helps ensure their safety, health, and longevity. 

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