If You Ever Feel Like Giving Up On Your Dreams, Remember This

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By Francesca Escarraga

Do you still remember that time in your childhood when you spent hours role-playing about who you wanted to be when you grew up?

It’s probably one of those moments in life where you will always look back with utter joy because it allows you to dream of endless possibilities without repercussions.

We fail to understand that achieving our dreams entails going through copious amounts of challenges, failures, and rejections.

Instead of embracing the struggle, we fear and completely avoid it because, oftentimes, we want the easy way in without putting in the hard work and effort.

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Sometimes, we hope too hard that opportunities will just fall into our laps when, in reality, we essentially need to find them on our own.

From a young age, I’ve known that I wanted to create art through the power of film and literature, but after attending university life threw a curve ball and redirected me to a different path.

Not so long ago, I was living in a world where routine was considered living life to the fullest and reaching the top of the corporate ladder was the end-all, be-all of humanity’s existence.

But recently, I woke up feeling that I was living somebody else’s dream.

So, I took a daring leap by leaving a life of stability in exchange for the dog-eat-dog world of Hollywood. I went to Los Angeles with nothing but a creative idea and a dream, just like any other Hollywood hopeful.

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But there’s something about the industry that keeps it alive and thriving for decades, which is all made possible by the dreamers and doers who are undaunted by defeat and setbacks.

We don’t just sit around waiting for the big break to come our way, but instead, we go out there and make it happen. Even when it seems like all hope is lost, we do not falter because we trust the process and we believe in the beauty of the struggle.

If we truly have faith in something, we give it our all, we find ways to make it work, and we fight for it unceasingly.

If at any point you feel like quitting on your dreams, make sure to try one last time because, sometimes, it only takes one more day to make all the difference for your future.

As long as you put your heart into everything that you do, people will undoubtedly see your worth and invest in you.

The world needs people who are willing to go the distance and share their passions to help elicit positive change in society.

Don’t spend your life on the sidelines; go out there and live the life of your dreams.

We could only achieve something by doing and by no means should we underestimate our potential to turn our dreams into reality.

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Francesca Escarraga is a producer and freelance writer for entertainment companies and top global media, covering pop culture, television, opinion, and travel topics. She's worked with Warner Bros., Disney, Fox, NBC, Netflix, and more.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.