Hypnotist Shares Mindset Trick That Can Make You Feel More Confident In Less Than 2 Minutes

Access your inner confidence by following this psychological practice.

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These days, it seems that everyone is desperately seeking ways to boost their confidence, from practicing visualization to reciting affirmations.

A hypnotist recently shared a mindset trick we can use to raise our confidence, and it only takes two minutes.

Hypnotist Anthony Serino began his TikTok by asking viewers to check in with how high or low their confidence level has been lately. 

He instructed them to rate their confidence on a scale of 0-10, "zero being totally not confident at all, 10 being rockstar-level confidence."


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He then suggested individuals keep this number in mind and close their eyes.


“With your eyes closed, I want you to let your mind bring you back to a moment of confidence in your past, maybe a moment of success,” Serino said. “This could be a moment when you were a little kid, a teenager — any moment that comes to mind first, just let your mind bring that to your awareness now.”

Pay attention to the setting of this memory, and notice the details. Are you inside or outside? Alone or with company?

“Just go back to a moment when maybe you accomplished something that you didn’t think you could accomplish,” he continued. “Be there in that moment now as if it’s happening all over again.”

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Focus on the feeling you experienced from this fulfilling moment where, for an instant, you knew exactly who you were and what you were doing. There was no self-doubt, anxiety, or fear. There was only pure confidence and belief in yourself.

Serino instructed viewers to focus on what this moment of confidence felt like.

Pay attention to what your posture looked like, the pace of your breathing, and the vibrational sensation within your body. Where do you notice this feeling of confidence stemming from? Is the feeling coming from your chest, your midsection, your shoulders?

By keying into the specific, physical details of this moment of confidence, your body is experiencing it again. No matter how distant the memory, it is real, and you have the power to access it whenever you desire.

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“As you feel that confidence, imagine you could give it a color,” Serino suggested. “Think of that color just glowing from inside of you right now.”

He instructed viewers to visualize this glowing, colorful energy spinning inside them. As he prepared to count from one to five, he encouraged them to gradually let this color grow larger, brighter, and more vibrant. 

“The brighter that color gets, the more powerful that confidence inside of you will become,” he emphasized.

He told viewers to open their eyes once he reached five, at which point they’d feel a surge of good, positive energy. “You’ll find that you step back out into the world today with a new sense of confidence and self-belief,” he claimed.


Serino’s mind trick is a useful, psychological way to access our inner loving energy.

Life can bring up some unpleasant feelings and experiences that hinder our ability to feel confident in ourselves. So, in moments of self-doubt and uncertainty, come back to this hypnotizing practice that can trick your mind back into a state of pure love and confidence.

The most effective way to feel genuine confidence has to stem from a place of self-love, after all.

Similar to how negative, unwanted memories from our youth can replay in our minds and cause us to revert to that vulnerable, fearful state, experimenting with the positive moments can be just as effective — only it propels our growth rather than reversing it.


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