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Husband Who Does All The Chores Doesn’t Want His Wife To Have Jobs Around The House So She Can Focus On Him & What She Loves

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When it comes to household chores, one husband admitted that he prefers to do everything himself, rather than allow the burden to fall on his wife. In a TikTok video, Drayton Nay listed five things that all husbands should "take care of," eliciting mixed reactions from viewers. In response to the criticism and questions, Drayton explained why he chooses to take the pressure off of his wife.

He explained why he opts to do all the household chores himself.

In Drayton's original video, he shared a list of five things he believes men should be doing for their girlfriends and/or wives.

"There are five basic things that as a guy, as a man, just take care of them," he insisted.



His list began with making sure you are paying for all of your partner's needs and picking up the bill whenever you two go out. "Don't ask her for a dollar," he advised.

According to Drayton, men should also be taking out the garbage, maintaining and cleaning the cars, and filling their partner's car with a full tank of gas every weekend. "Under no circumstances are you gonna have your girl stopping at a gas station to pump gas," he insisted. "No, that's your job."

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Arguably the most controversial rule on the list is to have the house cleaned or clean the house yourself. "I'm not talking about just the daily pick stuff up. I'm talking about the deep cleaning," he clarified. "Either do it yourself or pay to have it done. Don't have your wife do it."

"It's not a big deal for you to take care of it," he continued. "So just take care of it."

In a follow-up video, Brayton responded to a comment asking, if he does all of the household work and chores — what does his wife do? Brayton's answer? Nothing, and that's fine with him.

"That's what you're asking me? You wanna give your wife or your significant other jobs to do? Why do you want to do that?" he questioned.



"Let me give you my perspective. I don't want her responsible for any of the household chores at all. I assume that responsibility because I want her focus to be on things that make her happy and [on] me. That's it," Brayton explained. "I don't want to burden her with other little tasks because that takes away time from me, from the focus on things that she enjoys."

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He admitted that many of the other men he talks to consistently complain about how distant their wives are.

He claimed that 9 times out of 10, the other men he speaks to are constantly complaining about how their wives aren't romantic enough, don't sleep with them anymore, nag them to death, and aren't the same women they initially met and married. According to Drayton, this is often because men don't work hard enough to take the stress away from their wives. 

"Women are more likely to be active, if you get my drift, if they're not stressed or worried, or feel like they have a job to do," Drayton said. "You handle it. You're a big boy, you're a man. Handle those simple chores or pay to have them done. Don't give them additional jobs."

He insisted that by taking away those burdens, men can get what they want — a more present, passionate, loving, and understanding partner.

There seems to be truth to Drayton's words, at least regarding how often women are tasked with household responsibilities.

According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of women (59 percent) say they do more household chores than their spouse or partner, while 6 percent say their spouse or partner does more. Among men, 46 percent say these responsibilities are shared equally, while 20 percent say they do more, and 34 percent say their spouse or partner does more. 

The comment section of Drayton's videos certainly supported these statistics, with many shocked that a husband would take care of household chores at all. So much so, that he made another follow-up video demonstrating his surprise.  

“Ladies, I absolutely, positively owe you an apology,” he started.



He explained that when he realized his initial video went viral, garnering over 7 million views, he wondered why. A quick trip to the comment section revealed thousands of women wishing their husbands took care of such tasks. He claimed he had no idea he was in the minority by doing so. “I’m a 60-year-old man and I had no idea just how little guys did,” he said. “And I'm stunned.”

“Now I know why you guys complain all the time about not getting any,” he continued. “I can see exactly why. Cause you guys don't do anything.”

He ended his video with a call to action to all the husbands out there: “Step up your game.”

Finding a balance that works for your relationship is key.

Just as women shouldn't be expected to complete all household tasks, neither should men. You can find a happy medium, but of course, every relationship is different. If Drayton wants to take care of cleaning the house, more power to him. 

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