Turn The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Into Your Greatest Adventure Yet

Explore the magnitude of this experience with a thrilling cross-country road trip.

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If you haven't already heard, you’ll be excited to discover there will be a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 across North and Central America, the first one in seven years!

Take advantage of the unique experience this total solar eclipse has to offer, as there won’t be another one for 20 years. 

While the solar eclipse will cross over all of North and Central America, most of this region will only be able to view a partial eclipse, so rather than missing the essence of this once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll want to travel to and through the path of totality so you can witness it in its magnitude.


And that means having the proper tools to learn how to watch the solar eclipse in a safe and fun way.

The path of totality will be 100 to 123 miles wide, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Individuals will only be able to observe a totally eclipsed sun within this path, which will start in Sinaloa, Mexico and pass through the U.S. to Newfoundland, Canada.

If you’re craving an adventure, it’s time to finally plan that roadtrip you’ve been talking about and start preparing for this one-of-a-kind astronomical event. By renting an RV with RVshare, you’ll be able to safely travel through the path of totality and share this breathtaking experience with family and friends! 


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Why You Should Absolutely Rent an RV for the Solar Eclipse

1. You're mobile

With an RV, you have the flexibility to journey to your preferred spot for observing the solar eclipse. You can effortlessly explore regions with clear skies and minimal light pollution, ensuring optimal visibility.

This mobility enables you to adjust to changing weather conditions and enhance your chances of experiencing the eclipse at its finest.


2. Comfortable convenience

Opting for an RV accommodation grants you all the comforts of home within arm's reach. Rather than enduring the hardships of tent camping or the hassle of finding lodging, you enjoy a cozy bed, well-equipped kitchen, and convenient bathroom facilities on board.

The luxury of having your own private sanctuary and essential amenities elevates the entire experience and RVshare has a great selection to choose from.

3. The environment

Selecting an RV as your lodging choice means you can camp amidst stunning natural landscapes. Picture waking up surrounded by tranquil scenery or idyllic lakes just before the solar eclipse unfolds.

RV camping enables you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while anticipating the celestial event, ensuring an unforgettable experience.


Here’s how to watch the solar eclipse safely this year

1. Wear eye safety protection

First and foremost, be safe! This solar eclipse is an incredible opportunity to witness something beautiful, but if not approached with understanding and caution, it can pose a dangerous risk to your health. 

Purchasing a pair of special purpose solar filters, like eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers, can protect your eyes from "eclipse blindness or retinal burns." There are a variety of different protective eyewear options available to choose from. 

Regular sunglasses will not protect your eyes from an eclipse. Eclipse glasses must have a special solar filter that meets the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard, blocking the sun’s harmful UV and infrared rays and ensuring safety for eclipse viewing. 



Note that the only time individuals can briefly observe the sun without special filters is during the total eclipse. Otherwise, those who are not in the path of totality must ensure they wear solar filters the entire time. Make sure to supervise children and emphasize the importance of having them wear these special filters. 


Keep in mind that observing a solar eclipse through the reflection of a mirror is just as dangerous as looking at the eclipse directly and should be avoided.

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2. Rent an RV to travel through the path of totality

This will be a magnificent opportunity to observe one of the most dramatic astronomical events of the year while visiting beautiful destinations along the way. Take advantage of this life-changing event, and turn it into an exciting adventure for you and your family and friends to enjoy. 

Turn The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Into Your Greatest Adventure YetPhoto: Edgar Bullon's Images / Canva Pro


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They offer a variety of options, with RVs that can fit as many as 10 people, pet-friendly RVs, and refurbished RVs for all of your glamping needs. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how to watch the solar eclipse in the most exciting way possible.

3. Map out each location within totality

You’ll want to plan each city you want to visit to experience the totally eclipsed sun. The path will travel through Mexico, entering the U.S. through Texas and crossing northeast toward Maine and into Canada. 

Take note of the states the path of totality will pass through so you can mark all of the go-to spots you’ll want to stop by.


Depending on the extent of your eclipse chasing adventure, you’ll want to coordinate how much time it would take to drive through this path so you know how much time to carve out for this vacation.

4. Visit National Parks and trails along the way

The path will cross through several states with must-see National Parks, such as the Big Bend National Park in Texas, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail in New Hampshire, to name just a few.

Embarking on a cross-country roadtrip gives you the opportunity to visit hundreds of unique, natural parks and trails to make this trip your most special one yet. 

Find what works for you and your family, or go through your bucket list of spots you have been dreaming about visiting. With the comfort and convenience of traveling in an RV, you can visit pretty much anywhere around the continent.


5. Bring a telescope to fully immerse yourself in the experience

To make your experience chasing the eclipse even more exciting, consider bringing a telescope to have a front-row seat of the eclipse, as well as observe other astronomical phenomena during your trip, but make sure to use a white light filter over the front of your telescope so you can safely view the eclipse.



A great option best suited for seeing the solar eclipse is the Coronado PST (Personal Solar Telescope), a compact and affordable hydrogen-alpha telescope with a 40mm aperture, which is “designed to protect your eyes while providing breathtaking views of the sun during an eclipse.”

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6. Bring a camera to create life-long memories

You’ll want to document this event, as well as memorable moments along the road trip, so make sure to bring a camera!

Any camera can be used to photograph the eclipse, as long as you use a lens with a long focal length to capture quality images. Make sure to use a tripod, or mount your camera onto your telescope, to guarantee steady shots.



Additionally, remember to use special solar filters over the front end of your camera lens to safely capture the partial eclipse, which can be removed during totality, but must be replaced in time before the totality ends.


Keep in mind that the eclipse can also damage phone cameras, and solar filters are necessary for your phone’s camera lens if you’re planning to take photos from your cell phone.

7. Dig into the spiritual and astrological meanings behind the eclipse

In addition to planning an invigorating trip around this exciting eclipse, read into what this solar eclipse is bringing, spiritually. According to astrology, a solar eclipse signifies a new beginning, a doorway to life changes, and opportunities to reflect and recharge.

“The blocking of the Sun, a symbol of light and clarity, invites introspection and encourages individuals to look inward, reassess their paths, and make substantial changes,” according to Witchy.



To make this experience as transformative as possible, take the time to set new intentions, reflecting on old patterns and embracing new transitions and experiences. Focus on and visualize positive changes you desire, and let the solar eclipse set them in motion.


“The energy of an eclipse can amplify your thoughts and intentions, making it an ideal time to focus on what you truly desire,” Witchy said. “Use this period to reflect on your aspirations and set clear, specific goals.”

8. Be prepared and informed, and make sure to have a backup plan

As we approach the solar eclipse, be mindful of the expected forecast for each location within the path of totality by keeping up with live updates from Space.com and NASA.

While Mexico locations will have the best chance for clear skies, Space.com says unpredictable weather patterns during the month of April, in addition to tornado season in the Midwest, will likely affect the course of the eclipse.

“The actual weather experienced by a particular location on the day will be impossible to predict until a few days before,” according to Space.com. “Make a flexible plan and be prepared to change your location when the local short-term weather forecasts arrive.”


Keep several backup locations in mind where you’ll find safety and be able to experience the eclipse as you plan this road trip.

Make this experience an exciting adventure you’ll never forget, and remember to be safe!

Use these next months leading up to the eclipse to research, plan, and prepare for this extraordinary event. Lucky for you, RVshare has created a solar eclipse hub with all the information you need to rent a spectacular RV for this incredible astronomical event.

Carver advised individuals seeking to travel for the eclipse to plan their primary and backup locations closer to the southern area of the U.S. and Mexico for optimal weather.

Make sure to do adequate research to keep you and your family safe, and prepare to be on-the-go as you embark on this adventure.


—Created in partnership with RVshare

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