How To Read Palms Without A Psychic And Reveal Your Personality Traits

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Life is terrifying. So, sometimes, we look to outside sources for comfort.

Some look to religion, some look to worldly pleasures, and some look for answers anywhere they can — like in their own palms.

Hence, why palmistry (or palm reading) comes into play. 

Some people believe that all the hands can tell you about is a person’s work ethic, while others believe that the hands can tell you a whole lot about multiple aspects of your life.

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People that believe in palmistry believe that the hands can tell you all about a person’s life. Palmistry (also called chiromancy) has its roots in India, China, and parts of Israel. During the middle ages and renaissance, it was thought of as a superstitious practice.

Palm reading, however, carried on and some still enjoy partaking in the practice even today. Maybe it’s all B.S., but on the other hand (Ha! Palm jokes!) — aren’t you a little curious?

I won’t sit here and pretend I buy into this idea that your hands say anything about you or your life outside of traditional body language (Sherlock Holmes is a better “palmist” than any of these people, in my humble opinion). But I also won't sit here and pretend that I know everything (or anything for that matter).

So, check out this quick guide on how to read palms, and make up your own mind.

Which hand do you read?

There is a lot of debate about which hand you should use when reading your palms. Some say your dominant hand, some say the other, and some say each hand will reveal different things about your life and personality traits.

For example, some think women should use the right hand and men should use the left, while others say you should simply use the hand you write with because it goes to the conscious mind (leaving the other hand for the subconscious mind).

Some think that the non-dominant hand signifies your potential and the dominant hand signifies what you’ve done with your potential (this is the most interesting, in my opinion).

Regardless of which idea you believe in, pick a hand and let’s give this a go.

What type of hand do you have?


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According to palmistry, there are four different types of hands:

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1. Earth Hands

They're generally rough, reddish, and have more squared-off features. The palm is usually the same length as the fingers.

People with “earth hands” tend to prefer learning from experience and experiments, rather than from books or in the classroom. They also tend to have a great appreciation for the outdoors.

2. Air Hands

They're more rectangular than square with longer fingers and protruding knuckles (common to have dry skin as well).

People with “air hands” tend to prefer learning from books as they are curious and intellectual (more topics, more books). They tend to internalize their emotions.

3. Water Hands

Water hands have palms that are more oval-shaped and small with long and flexible fingers. The palm can be wider than it is long.

People with the “water hands” are the most emotionally unstable, having the hardest time handling their anxieties (making them prone to substance abuse). However, they are perhaps also the most artistic.

4. Fire Hands

They have fingers that are shorter than the square created by the shape of the palm and are usually pink or flush in color.

People with “fire hands” are energetic and determined, making them great leaders. But they can also have a short temper.

What types of lines do you have on your palms?

Nearly all hands have these five basic lines:

1. The heart line

This line is often referred to as, “the love line” due to its connection to romance in palmistry. It runs across the top of the hand below the knuckles and supposedly can tell you a lot about your love life.

According to palmistry, a short love line indicates a lack of interest in romance. If your love line begins at your middle fingers, it can mean that you’re a selfish lover, but if it starts between your index finger and middle finger, it means you fall in love easily.

A straight line can mean you’re practical when it comes to romance (and most likely committed), whereas a wavy line can mean you’re a bit of a player.

2. The fate line

Not everyone even has a fate line, so don’t worry if you don’t. But if you do, you’re special (read on).

According to palmistry, a deep “fate line” means that you are most likely controlled by destiny (i.e., fate). If this line breaks suddenly, it shows that you’ve been subject to many life changes.

A line that ends at the heart line can mean that your job is affected by your emotions. A line that begins to join the lifeline means that you have many dreams and are a self-starter.

3. The life line

Contrary to popular belief, this line has nothing to do with the length of one’s life. But rather, this line displays a person’s overall well-being, in regard to their health and general well-being.

According to palmistry, if the line goes all the way to near your wrist and is deep, this is a sign of your vitality and if there is a circle in your lifeline, this is a sign that you’ve been injured (or hospitalized) at some point.

If the line is more straight than curved and is very close to your thumb, this could indicate that you move through life slowly (possibly, that you’re lazy).

4. The head line

This line is a symbol in palmistry of wisdom or intellect.

A short “head line” is an indicator that you put more importance on physical challenges as opposed to mental ones.

A wavy “head line” means that you have a short attention span and a long, more pronounced line means that you’re a deep thinker. A curvy “head line” is an indicator of creativity, whereas a straight line means that you’re a realist.

A cross or circle on your headline indicates that an emotional crisis is affecting you in some way. If the head line is close to the heart line, it means that you’re likely to be good at maintaining relationships.

5. Sun line

The sun line is also known as the line of success. It can show talent, popularity, and capability — all things that can lead to being successful. 

It also has a connection to your fate line. If your fate line is positive, but your sun line is not, you may have a harder time finding success. But if it's the opposite, you may have a better chance of success.

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What do your fingers mean?

Short fingers

They're an indicator that you desire less information about the outside world than others do, especially regarding other's advice. You tend to prefer to rely on your own intuition and to take action.

Long fingers

Aside from making you look majestic, long fingers are an indicator that you’re more detail-oriented.

You may like to pull things apart (literally and figuratively), so that you understand things better before you take action. You are more likely to be nurturing (bordering on feminine).  

Open fingers

When you tend to display your fingers more open, regardless of their length, this tends to indicate that you’re a free-spirit not ruled by conventional “rules.” 

You tend to follow your own path, regardless of what other people say or do. You know that your opinion is the only one that matters.

Closed fingers

When you tend to hold your fingers tightly together. regardless of finger length, this tends to indicate that you’re more anxious and less open to new ideas. Stiff fingers tend to indicate that you’re not open to any changes and don’t want to be bothered.

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