The Practical (And Free!) Way To Transform Your Emotional Wellness In Less Than A Week

It's not just a virtual conference, it's a new era of collaboration and growth for professionals & aspiring practitioners.

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In a world increasingly burdened by emotional distress, less-than-great relationships, and mental health challenges, the urgency for change, healing, and empowered action has never been more pressing for each of us. As individuals in relationships at home and work, everyone needs a little help or even a lot when things get rough.

The YourTango Experts Healers & Helpers Virtual Summit, scheduled for February 14-18, 2024, offers each of us a beacon of hope and transformation, calling upon both professionals and individuals to unite in a groundbreaking journey of learning, growth, and profound change.


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This summit is a landmark experience that marks a significant step in the mental health and wellness journey. This event offers a unique opportunity for the convergence of professionals and individuals enthusiastic about healing and helping.


That means it’s designed to meet each of us where we are, and where we need help most. The event caters not only to current practitioners in the fields of psychotherapy, life coaching, and wellness but also to those aspiring to step into these roles or seeking to enhance their personal development and emotional wellness.

This groundbreaking event promises an immersive experience, where more than 30 distinguished speakers, including Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, Dr. Guy Winch, Dr. 1Drea Pennington Wasio, psychotherapist Terry Real, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. Laura Berman, among others, along with co-hosts Larry Michel, Michele Molitor, Orna and Matthew Walters, and Dr. Ava Cadell.



Together, they will share their profound insights and groundbreaking techniques. Each summit contributor’s expertise covers a wide range of topics crucial to both personal and professional growth, making the summit an invaluable resource for attendees from various backgrounds.


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The event's agenda is meticulously organized into four main tracks, each tailored to address the multifaceted nature of healing and helping work.

These tracks include empowering business practices for those looking to start or grow their healing business, enhancing healing practices with the latest techniques and approaches, personal growth, and self-care strategies for practitioners, and ways to amplify their impact in the world. Additionally, the summit provides a special thematic focus on addressing the national mental health crisis, with discussions on issues like the loneliness epidemic and the opioid crisis.


The summit broadcast content will be made available each day for 24 hours, free to registered attendees.             

For non-practitioners, the summit offers a unique opportunity to learn soft skills, improve relationships at home and work, and explore potential career paths in the healing and helping professions. The sessions are designed to be accessible and engaging, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, can gain valuable insights and knowledge.

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But the summit is not just about learning; it's about transforming the way attendees engage with their practice, their clients, and themselves. It's a chance to connect with like-minded professionals and individuals, be inspired, and return to daily life with a renewed sense of purpose and a toolkit of innovative approaches.


The event promises to be a movement towards creating a more empathetic and understanding world where healers and helpers are equipped with the best tools to make a real difference.         

In addition to the interviews, fashioned as talks and workshops, the summit also offers post-event networking opportunities through the YourTango Experts community, allowing attendees to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and expand their professional network.

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This interaction fosters a sense of community among participants, enhancing the overall experience of the summit.          

The summit is free to attend, making it accessible to a broad audience. Upon registering, attendees will receive three powerful PDF downloads from the presenters, adding even more value to their experience. This gesture underscores the summit's commitment to providing immediate value and actionable takeaways that participants can implement in their practices and lives, and hopefully share with others they care about.

The summit is not just a virtual conference; it's a pivotal moment in the world of mental health and wellness, marking a new era of collaboration and growth for professionals and aspiring practitioners alike.


It's an opportunity for personal and professional transformation, a platform for learning, and a community for growth and support.

For more information and to join this transformative journey, individuals are encouraged to visit the Healers and Helpers Summit website and register for the event.

This summit is an opportunity to step forward, join a community shaping the future of mental health and wellness, and be part of the change we wish to see in the world.

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