5 Invisible Habits Of Women Who Seem To Radiate Joy

There's a reason for their glow.

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When I was growing up, a woman in my neighborhood always seemed happy — she glowed with light-heartedness vibes. Whenever we would stop to chat, I could feel her good-natured personality come through in all we discussed. I consistently noticed the little gleam in her eye, and her mouth was always turned up softly, like she had something to smile about with every sentence.

Even through life's challenges and experiencing the death of a child, this woman always seemed to radiate a joyous energy that never went unnoticed.


Hopefully, we have all had the pleasure of knowing such a woman who always seems to smile on the inside regardless of what’s going on externally. I’m not talking about people who seem to say the right things to be perceived as optimistic or in control.

I’m talking about the people who genuinely emit joy and heartfelt feelings in most or all of their actions. There’s such a lovely feeling that accompanies their interactions that leaves an impression on those they encounter.

What is it that helps these ladies maintain such a level of exuberance? More importantly, perhaps, how can we begin to be more like them in our own daily lives?


Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter several women who seem to radiate joy in their days. When I think about them across the board, I can glean a few specific and effective habits they each seem to possess on some level.  

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Five invisible (but effective!) habits of women who seem to radiate joy

1. They rely on a higher power

Joyous women seem to have a strong spirituality about them. They believe in something greater than themselves, not just in it, but trust in that higher power without a waiver. This ability translates into a beautiful life perspective. They seem to understand, know, and act as though they are fully supported in every avenue of their lives because they believe they are.


Regardless of perceived hardships or when things don’t go as planned, they are able to rely on this spirituality — this higher level of understanding of how the world works — which carries them through every situation. 

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2. They challenge themselves to grow

Joyful women seem to have a vast knowledge of their own patterns of thinking and acting. This understanding gives them a step up from everyone else because not only are they able to see their own limitations, they are then able to create circumstances that help them grow and expand beyond constraints rather than staying stuck where they are. Their acceptance provides them with a window of opportunity for growth.

Depending upon the situation, joyful women who know themselves seem to attract other people who complement their strengths and weaknesses in a way that supports their lives.




3. They spend time with themselves

Women who seem to radiate joy make time for moments of solitude. They don’t need every second of their day planned or occupied with screen time.

They use their alone time doing what they want, whether exercising, taking a nap, reading a book, enjoying a cup of tea, going to a museum, or something else. They’ve built a solid relationship with themselves and seem to enjoy their own company, which fuels their inner joy.

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4. They discern the important things in life

Women who exude joy discern what to spend mental and emotional energy on and what not to. They seem to have a relatively failsafe method of not sweating the small stuff yet knowing which small stuff matters. They can make a simple moment great and a horrific one manageable for themselves and others.

5. They help people help themselves

Due to their joyful nature, women who bring their joy to lift the energy of a room, a conversation, or a team. They create a space for others to grow, open their hearts, and encourage a different perspective for everyone’s benefit. 

Hopefully, when we read the above, we realize it’s not too far-fetched to become more joyous versions of ourselves. With a little attention and awareness, we, too, can develop these habits and shower that luscious goodness over all aspects of our lives.


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Pamela Aloia is a certified feng shui consultant, Reiki master/teacher, Grief Coach, and author helping people become better versions of themselves and supports them through change and life challenges through individual sessions, energy work, meditation, and more.