7 Tiny Habits That Will Make You Stronger Than 98% Of People

Here's how to channel and find your inner strength.

Last updated on Feb 03, 2024

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You have all you need to successfully find your inner strength and grow it. Your inner strength is with you at every moment. It is the well that enlivens you from deep inside.

You can find it by stopping to listen with awe to your heartbeat. You can grow your inner strength by nourishing it consistently with time and attention. In the more advanced stages, you find yourself on the path less traveled, but content and in good company.


To begin, recognize that you have a desire to feel resilient, inspired, grounded, and stable through the storms of life. Recognition alone of this desire can be humbling for some, as it requires the admission that they are not always on their game. If this is your case, you are not alone.

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In fact, life’s challenges call us all, bar none, to search for our inner strength. Accept that inner strength is less an accomplishment and more a power to be nourished on a daily basis. Consider it part of what makes you alive. And nothing lives without consistent nourishment. Inner strength nourishment is made up of time, attention, challenge, and success.


Even though time is of the essence in this day and age, there is always time to nourish our inner strength. It is one of the most important things we do and it does not have to take long. I used to live in the Middle East. One of the things I came to appreciate most was the Call to Prayer. Five times a day, I had an excuse to stop the busyness and dedicate a few minutes to what was ultimately the nourishment of my inner strength.

I asked my mother recently what nougat of wisdom time had given her. She surprised me with the answer: "Pay attention." She explained that life and lessons are in the now. Meaning and purpose are in the present. At some point, it becomes too late to change the results of your day-to-day decision-making. There is no time to make more money, more friends, or more of a contribution. When there is no more time, you reap what you sow.



Most of us are distracted from living now by recycling past events and emotions and preparing for the future. Until you fully come to terms with your past, it will haunt your present and future. There is great value in the processing of the past for the purpose of living in the present and to allow you to fearlessly harness your power towards the realization of your purpose.


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Effective processing of the past is a challenge, indeed! While I have found a blend of the Tapas Acupressure Technique, Matrix Re-Imprinting, and Homeopathy most useful to me, there are as many ways to face ourselves as there are people.

Importantly, the processing of the past is not limited to garbage analysis. At a deeper level, it becomes a sequential act of personal transformation, the release of the echo of trauma, a metamorphosis from chrysalid to butterfly, a manifestation of the essence of self, pouring forth freely with grace, inspired and grounded, leading to the fulfillment of a sense of purpose.

This is the path less traveled. For most, it requires courage, humility, collaboration, and even surrender and faith. I liken it to a spiral, generally moving forward or upwards, two steps up, one step back, riddled with moments of existential crisis, puddles of tears, sweat from expressed rage, and ultimately swollen knees from forgiveness and surrender.


At this point, you begin to grasp who you are. Your purpose surfaces of its own accord as it acts on you as a magnet.  Your inner strength becomes the well from which you live, riding the waves of life with a sense of peace and resilience previously unfathomable. You are able to focus more on the present and allow the future to unfold.

You realize that you simply cannot control all the variables of life, but you find within yourself the inner strength to go forward through the rain and be more grateful for the sun. Recall: Finding and growing your inner strength is not an accomplishment. It is a way of life. This source within you requires time and attention. That might sound like a tall order. It is, but it is fully within your reach, one small step at a time.

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Here are 7 tiny habits that will make you stronger than most:

1. Recognize your desire

2. Accept it as a gradual process

3. Give it time

4. Pay attention

5. Release the shackles of the past



6. Feel your power and find your purpose

7. Honor and celebrate it by fulfilling your purpose

Propelled by inner strength, you live purposefully with grace, inspired and grounded. Taking the time to find and grow your inner strength makes your life, and the world, a better place.   


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Lisa Torres is a freelance writer and studies homeopathy. She is dedicated to helping people heal safely, gently, and deeply, taking into account the mind, the body, and the emotions.