The Deep, Life-Altering Lessons I Learned From Guided Past Life Regression

As if many lives were lived in one human life span.

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Past life regression can occur when you are lightly hypnotized and gently taken back through your current life, to a pathway or portal that can lead you to a past life.

In my most recent experience, I found it interesting because light hypnosis is very similar to meditation or what I experience before connecting with the other side or doing psychic readings. The difference was having a person guide me on my journey.


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How you can benefit from past life regression

Even if your understanding or belief of reincarnation and past lives is a little wobbly, a regression can be a very cool spiritual experience. You might discover a completely different part of your subconscious. 


A past life regression is a great tool for self-exploration. You may see that you have progressed in the way you see the world and humanity at large.

You might recognize people in your current life, playing a different role in your past. For example, your child today might have been your parent in a previous life.

Regardless of how exciting a past life was or wasn’t, it can offer a new perspective on life. This is also a great way to develop compassion for people in different situations. You also may gain great inspiration from whatever occurred long ago.

Your phobias or fears may make sense to you after a past life regression. Maybe you will see what you struggled with long ago. Maybe you experienced a great loss and now you understand your seemingly irrational fears.


Take a gift with you from your past life. Perhaps your gift is clarity on what is important in your life.

Your gift could also be a talent from your past life. Maybe you were musical or artistic and now you are inspired to explore a new creative outlet. 

There are endless gifts that can be gained from a past life.

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My takeaway from recent past life regression

In our recent holiday break, my family and I wanted something fun to do. We contemplated going to a movie, but that didn’t sound very exciting.

Because we think outside the box, we opted for a past life regression. I was able to find the perfect person to help us in Sedona.


I have been shown some of my past lives in meditations. I also had an incredible past life experience with a psychic about 15 years ago. That particular session helped me access some of the energy I work with now.

My most recent regression was informative, but also reassuring. I touched on several lives, but the one I settled on was from long ago.

I’m unsure of the time or place, but the dwelling was cut into a rock wall protecting me from the elements. It wasn’t a cave, but another type of earthen structure.

The work I did then wasn’t too different from what I do now. I was sought out as a healer to help shift energy.

I was near the end of my life, but I was shown memories of my younger years. It was as if many lives were lived in one human life span.


If you have experienced life transformations, I’m sure you can relate.

Some of these memories included times of war. I took part in a mass killing of a group of people.

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Learning from past loss and suffering

In that long-ago life, I immediately recognized the tragedy and had great remorse for what took place. It was a pivotal moment in that life, seeing a great loss that we all suffer when fighting and hurting others.

I also made prophecies, but mostly shared healing with others. To be honest I couldn’t tell if I was male or female.

I lived the last years of my life having lost hope for humanity, mostly because people were overlooking their own magic.


I wanted others to see they could heal themselves and that global love was possible. I wanted to share the vision of greater peace.

I saw several major shifts in that life. Some of them were very difficult. It reminded me of walking through a wall of fire and on the other side, I discovered a healthier version of myself.

The fire burned away what I no longer needed.

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The contrast between the past and the present

On my deathbed, I watched as dark skin fell away from my bones. I stopped eating and drinking and simply slipped away as people left small gifts by my tired body.

I lived a very isolated and simple life of serving others, but the joy was nowhere to be found.


Thankfully that is not my current life mindset or life experience.

My take-home message from my recent past life regression was how important joy and hope is for each of us. In my recent regression experience, I had lost faith in humanity.

In my current life, I know each of us can experience peace and compassion on Earth. I work with clients who are empowered and see potential in themselves and others, perhaps because of a life I lived years ago.


Our connection to everything, including the source, allows us to heal ourselves while living with joy and peace in our hearts.

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Discover truths from your past that can aid you today

In that long-ago life, I also discovered that our irritations, pain and struggles have nothing to do with other people. It doesn’t mean we need to live with those we disagree with, but we can simply live our lives and let them live theirs.

We have the power to create a life where we thrive.

If past life regression is a new concept for you, read one or two books with case studies. If you are still interested, make an appointment with an experienced practitioner. Look at their credentials and testimonials.


If you are seeking clarity, ease or maybe you’re ready for a major life transformation via a psychic reading, life coaching or energy work. 

Wherever you are, the new year is a perfect time to make positive changes to help you live your best life.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, intuitive life coaching, and offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.