Giving A Gift? Wrap It With Your Face.

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gift wrap my face

A couple of Christmases ago, I remember finding the most amazing gift: a pair of socks that I could put my face on. Or the dog’s face. It was from a company called DivvyUp, which I—as usual—found via targeted ads on Facebook. (Those creeps know me so well.) I immediately ordered multiple pairs, of course.

My dad got a pair with my face on them, my boyfriend got a pair with his dog’s face, my brother got a pair with his dog’s face.

I considered getting a pair for myself, but I’ve never really liked feet and I didn’t want to walk all over my dog all the time, so instead, I spread that joy around.

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It was a great gift, undeniably. And I wasn’t the only one that thought so, because, by the next year, everyone had face feet.

Aside from my horror that Facebook’s targeted ads appeared to show I wasn’t the most unique person around, the gift had run its course and firmly ended up in the mainstream. And like most people who want to be cool by shunning mainstream stuff, I was officially over it.

Until now. Let me introduce you, friends, to Gift Wrap My Face. The company makes those face socks, but that’s not what I’m in it for.

Because today, right now, you can plaster your own face (or your dog’s face) (or your baby's face) all over gift wrap.

And it’s not just your regular, everyday gift wrap, either.

These ones have themes. You can get just a face, or you can get your face included in a pattern — like as the head of a roasted turkey, or on top of the body of a luchador.

There are also other gift options (hello, modern-day pet rock with your face on it) but the gift wrap is by far the best.

It costs about $19 for a 60-by-24-inch roll of wrapping paper.

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Do you struggle with people stealing your gifts and passing them off as their own?

Put your face on the wrapping paper to thwart present thieves.

Do you feel like you never get a thank you from people you’ve gifted things to?

Put your face on the wrapping paper as a reminder that you sent it.

Do you want to give a little gift to your pup for Christmas but don’t want to encourage them to rip your face up?

Put their face on the wrapping paper.

I have a plan for mine. My family is big: I have two siblings who each have their own significant others and children, my parents are still kicking around, and my boyfriend has his family as well. I’m going to mix it up a bit. Instead of using labels to show which gift goes to who, I’m going to put their face directly on the wrapping paper.

How’s that for avoiding confusion when a gift tag falls off?

Now I just need to decide who’s going to get the hot 80s workout bod, and who’s going to get to grace the top of a gingerbread cookie.

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