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Man's Neck Pillow Travel Hack Will Have You Sleeping Like A Baby On Your Next Flight

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Traveling is a luxury, but getting to your destination doesn’t always feel great. Going through security is stressful. Flights are delayed more often than ever before. Airplane cabins are crowded and the seats are cramped.

But not all hope is lost for traveling in comfort — and style.

One man’s genius neck pillow hack will let you sleep like a baby the next time you fly.

The man, whose name is Lawrence, shared his neck pillow revelation on his Instagram account, which was then reposted by Gate Access, an account that offers tips for traveling and making it through the airport smoothly.

According to the post, we’ve all been wearing our neck pillows wrong and we have the aches and pains to prove it. Lawrence showed the right way to wear a neck pillow — by turning it around, so the opening faces the back.

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Lawrence filmed himself wearing his neck pillow the way our society has collectively assumed it goes, putting the U-shaped accessory around his neck so it opened beneath his chin. He then blew everyone’s mind by turning the pillow around, showing off a way to wear it that is way more comfortable and supportive. 

He closed his eyes and rested his head on the side of the pillow as his chin nestled into the plush curve. 

The mind-blowing pillow hack makes travel more comfortable by creating a perfect little hug for your neck.

There are aspects on plane travel no one can control, like crying babies or fellow passengers being rude. So, why not control what we can and change how we wear our neck pillows?

man's neck pillow travel hack will have you sleeping like a baby on your next flightPhoto: Skitterphoto / Pexels 

One of the major perils of long-distance travel is feeling jet-lagged, which happens when your body’s circadian rhythms haven’t changed to match your new time zone. The more time zones you move across, the more likely you are to experience jet lag.

While jet lag is temporary, the brain fog and fatigue that comes with it can make it hard to adjust to your new location or enjoy whatever trip you’re taking. 

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According to Mayo Clinic, jet lag symptoms usually occur within one or two days after traveling across at least two time zones. Symptoms can include trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, inability to focus, mood changes, and generally feeling sick. 

man's neck pillow hack will have you sleeping like a baby on your next flightPhoto: Palu Malerba / Pexels 

The farther you travel, the worse your symptoms might be, which is especially true if you’re flying east, as you lose time when the time zones change.

Recovering from jet lag usually takes about a day for each time zone crossed. There are simple and effective ways to stave off jet lag, including drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration, which can occur because of low humidity levels in plane cabins. Resting up before taking a trip, sleeping on the plane, and making sure you adjust to your new schedule can also help alleviate jet lag symptoms.

As the neck pillow hack shows, trying a new approach to getting some rest and relaxation on the plane works wonders, and sets the tone for whatever fun adventure you’re embarking on once you land.  

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