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Flight Attendant Shares 5 Things Passengers Should Never Do & Why They Drive Crew Crazy

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Unless you haven't flown in decades, you know that way too many people completely forget how to be normal the moment they walk onto a plane — and yes, flight crews have definitely noticed. 

A flight attendant shared five things plane passengers should never do.

Airplane etiquette has been a problem for basically ever. But like so much else, it seems like it's gotten downright unhinged in recent years. Airline crews are subjected to brawls, unreasonable demands, gross passenger habits, and whatever the heck that whole Tiffany Gomas thing was about. 

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Flight attendant and TikToker Amanda Delarosa is a veteran crew member who's been flying for eight years, so you can imagine that she's seen some stuff in her day. She recently took to TikTok to offer five pieces of advice to flyers to be less gross, less unsafe, or at the very least, less annoying to the crewmembers charged with keeping them alive onboard. (That is their primary job, after all — not serving you drinks!)  



1. Never go to the bathroom shoeless.

The fact that this even needs to be said is egregious. The stench of an airplane bathroom alone should tell you that this is a place where you want as little skin contact as possible. What is wrong with all of you?! 

Flight Attendant Shares 5 Things Passengers Should Never DoPhoto: tratong / Shutterstock.com

Nevertheless, Delarosa has seen it so often that it made her list. Why?

"Turbulence happens on those dang planes, and it happens when people are peeing," she said. "So where do you think that pee goes? On the floor and absorbed into your socks."

For the love of God stop doing this you absolute animals.

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2. Never go to the bathroom while the seatbelt sign is on.

This should also go without saying since you're not supposed to do anything at all except sit down when the seatbelt sign is on. It's there to keep you from banging your noggin on the luggage bins or whatever, but sometimes, when you gotta go, you gotta go, right? 

But Delarosa explained there's a reason why you catch guff from flight crews when you do this.

"Legally, we have to let you know that the seatbelt sign's on," she said, "because if you get in there and we hit a bump and you bust your [backside] because of turbulence, we told you so, you can't sue us." 



She added that if it's an emergency and you're gonna have an accident, go ahead and go. But you're gonna get your rights read to you if you do it! See you in court, peepee pants! 

3. Never hit the call button to give a flight attendant garbage. 

This drives flight attendants batty.

"If you're paying attention," Delarosa said, "the flight attendants are usually walking the aisles pretty frequently with garbage bags." 

Flight Attendant Shares 5 Things Passengers Should Never DoPhoto: withGod / Shutterstock.com

This is because the flight crews have "scheduled times" to go through the cabin and pick up people's refuse, and they might have something else to do while you're acting out your main character syndrome and demanding they come get your napkin right this instant. 

"So just wait," Delarosa said. "We'll be back to get your garbage." And you'll be fine holding onto it for a few minutes! 

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4. Do not get drunk on the plane. 

Or before boarding, for that matter. "A lot of people don't know we are not supposed to allow you on the plane if you appear intoxicated," Delarosa said of the situation that has inspired seemingly millions of viral videos. 



"We've all had those delays where you go to the bar and you have a couple of drinks, which is fine," she went on to say. "Just don't overdo it because we might be putting you on the next flight instead."

5. Never pick a fight, especially with the cabin crew. 

Here's another one that really shouldn't need to be said, but sadly very much does, as we've seen in yet more viral videos. But there's more to onboard brawling than bad manners. It might land you in legal trouble. Delarosa explained that you can be "kicked off that plane or met with the police if it's mid-flight," or worse still, "blacklisted and not allowed to fly anymore."

Travel is stressful but that's not an excuse for bad behavior.

Sure, flying is stressful, and a lot of people on your average flight frankly deserve a punch in the nose.

But is it really worth never again being allowed the pleasure of cramming yourself into an economy seat for hours on end while your veins fill with blood clots and the strange person in the middle seat breathes weirdly into the side of your neck?

Okay never mind, maybe brawling at 30,000 feet is worth the trouble.

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