15 Wildly Effective Ways To Calm Your Nerves Before A Call Or Event

Consciously let go and be in the now.

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Two things dictate the quality of your call or presentation more than anything else:

  1. Your state of mind.
  2. The state of your body.

Both are closely connected. I know what it’s like to be in my head during an important call and underdeliver. I also know how satisfying it is to be in a good state and crush a conversation. When we’re anxious, our performance decreases. Here’s how to set yourself up before a call, podcast, or meeting so you’re in the best possible position, especially if you’re feeling nervous or anxious.


Here are 15 wildly effective ways to calm your nerves before a call or event:

1. Do air squats

Get the blood flowing with twenty squats. The tension on the legs and core will ease much pressure across the entire body.

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2. Breathwork

You can refer to many exercises on the web for breathing exercises. When we slow our breathing, our thoughts slow, and our bodies relax. A good one I use to calm down is to breathe in through the nose for four seconds, then hold the breath for seven seconds, then out through the mouth for eight seconds. Then repeat.

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3. Underwater swimming

Swimming is good, but laps underwater will strengthen your lungs, improve how you process oxygen, and clear your head.

4. Go for a walk

Get out into the sunshine and nature. Combining the sensory experience with motion gets your thoughts straight.


5. Get laughing

Laugh at comedy, or laugh like a maniac for a few minutes. This will loosen you up and raise your spirits.

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6. Sauna or steam room

Release some toxins and tension with heat therapy. Combine with cold plunges or shower for added effect.


7. Hit weights in the gym

A personal favorite of mine gets me lifting heavy before essential calls or meetings. My testosterone increases, which is a calming and uplifting hormone.

8. Stretch

Another way to lessen tension in the body is to stretch the arms, legs, and other vital areas.

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9. Massage

Massage relaxes your body and even helps release toxins. I use a hard massage ball on the wall for my neck and back, which works wonders. You can also apply pressure with your hands or find a pro.

10. Yoga

Follow a few yoga videos and get into those poses. This will combine stretching, mindful breathing, and strength conditioning.

11. Go for a run

You can’t deny the feel-good rush after a run. This will sustain you through your meeting, helping you perform better.

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12. Trauma release

Some exercises you can refer to online help you shake out stress trapped in the body. One I like to do often is to stand up, then lean back slightly, with my arms in the air, using my hips as a hinge. I take deep breaths, and as I breathe out, my abdominal area starts to shake. This is a superb form of stress release for the belly area, where most tension is trapped.


13. Dance

Dancing loosens you (and your hips). Any trapped stress is released. Be goofy. Then you can enter into a call in a calmer, more carefree state.

14. Shake it out

Physically shake your arms and legs like a clown covered in ants. Have fun with the movements. Any nervous tension will diminish.


15. Finally, before getting on your call or meeting, the best thing you can do is consciously let go

When they worry, most people tense up — making their performance and anxiety worse. Your only job right now is to smile gently from the inside, drop your shoulders, and let your breathing flow naturally and slowly. Uncertainty will always be there. It’s time to be OK with whatever happens next and be here now. You got this.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.