What It Really Means When You Have Dreams About Flying

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Dreaming can be fun and exciting... or downright terrifying. But one that is almost always exhilarating is dreaming that you can fly.

You might find yourself flying high in the sky hundreds of feet above your mundane everyday life, looking at things from a totally new perspective. That sense of freedom is unmatched.

But dreams about the ability to fly can have a higher spiritual meaning than you might have thought. Different types of dreams can allude to a spiritual connection with the universe and, if you listen, you can gain helpful insight.

What does it mean when you dream about flying?

Generally, dreams about flying symbolize hope, personal freedom from difficulties, willpower, seeking change in your life, and living the way you want.

But whether you are flying or floating casually through the air, flying dream symbolism can vary depending on the circumstances.

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While some might feel like a free spirit when flying, others can become anxious or fearful of falling. But generally, this dream interpretation means you either have deficiencies in your life, or are being warned of danger.

Perhaps you are experiencing angst in your waking life and flying like a bird represents freedom.

The dream signifies your brain trying to overcome a difficult situation. You are trying to get a bird’s eye view of your life and focus on the big picture instead of getting caught up in the minute details of real life.

Some other common translations are a desire to gain control, a spiritual connection, escapism, an over-inflated ego, and a willingness to change.

But depending on the context under which you are soaring around in your dreams, the spiritual meaning of flying can mean so many different things.

What It Means When You Dream About Flying Solo In The Sky

Flying alone in your dreams represents a confidence in your skills, knowledge, and abilities. You know your value and seek opportunities to show it.

This dream of flying solo means you have accumulated everything you need to live up to your highest expectations in life.

What It Means When You Dream About Flying With Someone Else

Flying with a group of people can indicate that it is time for you to put yourself out there and start networking. It can symbolize a need to collaborate on a big project and let you know that, in order to see it to fruition, teamwork must be implemented.

What It Means When You Dream About Flying On A Plane

If you find yourself flying the friendly skies in an airplane, this means you have the necessary tools and resources to tackle anything in life. You might be facing an almost impossible challenge, and the presence of the plane lets you know you are safe, secure and supported.

What It Means When You Dream About Flying Into Obstacles

Like a fly caught in a spider’s web, sometimes we encounter obstacles when we dream of flying. This should be taken as a warning of potential trouble ahead.

You want to make progress but are running into barriers. This dream reminds you to stay alert and move cautiously. Be sure to consider all risks before acting.

What It Means When You Dream About Flying Over Water

If you have ever gone swimming, free-flying over a body of water sounds horrifying. But in the spiritual world, it represents your emotions and intuition.

You may have been plagued by worries and negativity as of late, but you are slowly but surely overcoming and moving on.

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What It Means When You Dream About Flying Over Snow

Soaring over a snowy landscape can be a beautiful sight. If you happen to do so in your dreams, rest assured that you are getting a positive message from the universe.

Snow symbolizes purity and authenticity in your thoughts and deeds. It is a clear indication that you have done right and will be rewarded handsomely.

What It Means When You Dream About Flying In Outer Space

If you are dreaming of intergalactic flight, you are having trouble moving past certain emotions that you have been experiencing. These feelings have you in a headlock and are keeping a stronghold on your life. This is a reminder to let them go and focus on the positive.

What It Means When You Dream About Falling While Flying

Falling is all fun and games until you suddenly start to fall. This can be an indicator of loss, such as losing communication with someone important or missing out on something you need.

Another way to interpret this dream is that you are in over your head. Maybe you have bit off more than you can chew and need to re-evaluate your priorities.

What It Means When You Dream About Flying Low In The Sky

Sometimes, flying really means hovering right above the surface. You would love to soar above the clouds, but something is holding you back.

Flying low in the sky means you are scared of letting go and need to cut the cord. In some cultures, this is a precursor to an illness that the dreamer will recover from in a short time.

What It Means When You Dream About Flying High In The Sky

Who doesn’t want to fly to the highest of heights in their dreams? If you are dreaming about being way up in the sky, your perspective is changing.

Done are the days of getting caught up in things that don’t matter. You are clear and focused, determined to make the best of this thing called life.

What It Means When You Dream About A Long Flight

A long flight through the air can tell you that you are very clear on your goals in life. It denotes freedom and independence.

If you dream of a lengthy flight, know that you are in total control of your own life and are ready to proceed to your desired destination with confidence and bravery.

What It Means When You Dream About A Short Flight

Dreaming about a short flight tells you that you desperately want to be free but are struggling to get there. Think of this dream as your guardian angels reminding you that all you want is within your grasp. You should feel empowered to go for your goals and achieve them.

What It Means When You Dream About Trying To Fly

If, in your dream, you are like a baby bird, fresh out of the nest, just learning to fly, you want to rid yourself of any problems you might have.

You are still developing the tools needed to cope with the ups and downs of life. If you keep pressing forward, eventually you will learn to fly and find new ways of solving old issues.

What It Means When You Dream About Flying With Animals

Flying with animals can mean different things, depending on what animal you are flying with or on.

However, generally, the presence of animals in dreams about flying represents that wild, rebellious part of you. It is a warning that you should reel it in and be more cautious about your actions.

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