DoorDash Customer Tells Driver To Throw Away Or Keep The Food She Ordered As Long As He Can Do One Favor First

Other DoorDash drivers have shared similar stories of the same being asked of them.

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A DoorDash driver was surprised to get an order delivery request for a single chocolate bar a little after 6 a.m. and was even more shocked by the customer’s instructions. 

It turns out that they didn’t want their order delivered — they just wanted to recruit the DoorDash driver to do them a favor. 

The customer asked the DoorDash driver to drive by the delivery address and check if there was a specific type of car in the driveway. 

A screenshot of the message the driver received was shared on TikTok. The customer, Jessica R, placed an order for a king-sized KitKat but didn't actually care to get it delivered. Instead, she sent the DoorDash driver on a recon mission.


“U can throw it away or keep the chocolate," Jessica wrote in the delivery instructions. "Can u just check if u see a silver Cadillac car parked in the parking lot please?"

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Many people praised her clever thinking of using DoorDash to spy on certain people, admitting that they would have gladly accepted an order asking them to do so. 

“Where do I sign up to be this kind of DoorDasher? I’ll hide out in the bushes and do a drive-by four hours later,” one TikTok user commented. 

Another user wrote, “I think my nosey self is about to sign up to be a DoorDasher.” 

Many DoorDash drivers commented to confirm that this happens often, and they have been asked to do the same. 

“I have had someone do this. They said to make sure someone signs for the food and see if their car is in the yard,” one driver revealed. 


“I’ve done this before. I ordered food and asked them to knock and ask for that person and if they were home. They got an extra $20 tip,” a customer confessed. 

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There is no DoorDash policy forbidding customers from requesting their drivers snoop around certain addresses when placing orders, so some customers use this to their advantage. 


However, one DoorDash driver claimed that only certain customers will have their request granted, and it all depends on the situation and how they treat their dashers. 

“I wouldn’t say that everybody would be willing to give you the information that you’re looking for, but the nicer you are, the more they might be considering helping you out,” said DoorDash driver Monte in a TikTok video. 

However, she added that she and other dashers are not looking to break the law or find themselves being slammed with harassment and stalking charges.

If the request is unreasonable and could possibly put them at risk of losing their jobs, they’ll pass. 


While it can certainly be tempting to send food delivery drivers to spy on those we know, especially if we are suspicious of their behavior, it can still be considered a violation of privacy and trust. 

Food delivery drivers are meant to deliver food and not to engage in any form of spying or surveillance. However, if they are feeling generous, they might drop off food at your ex’s home and scope around if you ask them to. 

Just don’t forget to tip them well and offer them the food for themselves! 


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