Doctor Settles The Debate On Whether People Should Shower In The Morning Or At Night

Are you showering at the right time of day?

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Have you been showering at the wrong time for your entire life? As many people know, the “great showering debate” has encompassed a million different things — from loofahs to shower products to hair-drying techniques. One major aspect of the ever-growing cleanliness conversation revolves around the "best time" to shower. 

While some people wake up extra early to shower, convinced it’s “the right time” — others go through their entire day anticipating the relaxing end-of-day routine that gets them ready to sleep. There are a million things to consider, from drying your hair before bed to ensuring your workout aligns perfectly with your shower time. 


So, when should you really be showering? Dr. Jason Singh shared his own insights in a recent TikTok, hoping to end the debate once and for all. 

Should you be showering at night or in the morning? Dr. Singh shared the benefits of both, finally settling the infamous debate. 

“Hear from a doctor whether it’s better to shower at night time or in the morning,” he started his video. “Let’s compare the two.” 



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In a study from Each Night, participants’ responses revealed that over half of people preferred to shower in the morning, compared to only 34% who opted for evening routines. The remainder of the participants agreed that they showered at both times, depending on their daily routines. 

Showering at night helps to keep your skin moisturized, promotes better sleep, and washes away ‘the grime’ of your daily life. 

For those showering at night, Dr. Singh shared three main benefits — all of which contribute to the cleanliness and overall health of the body.

“It has three things going for it,” he said. “A warm shower triggers the release of melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone. As you towel off, your body cools off to the appropriate temperature. These two things — when combined — transition into better sleep.” 

So, not only do you risk being sleepier with a warm shower in the morning, but adding it to your nighttime routine could help you get a better night's rest. So swap your “sleepy mocktail” and melatonin gummies for a warm shower at night — it might just be your key to unlocking restful sleep. 




“Showering at night also helps to wash away the entire day’s grime, be it environmental pollutants, sweat, or mysterious odors,” he added. “If you’re prone to dry or sensitive skin, showering at night can also be the better way to hydrate your skin.” 

In addition to the three benefits he’s shared, other experts suggest nighttime showers help to reduce the risk of acne, soothe irritated skin, and prevent bacteria from building up in your bed sheets before a wash. 

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Despite all the benefits of nighttime showers, this doctor suggested morning showers promote better overall hygiene. 

“We know that your body can accumulate some germs, such as bacteria or fungus, through processes like sweating and shedding skin cells. The byproduct of these creates an odor," he explained. “So, morning showers cleanse the bacteria and skin secretions that have built up bringing the skin microbiome to a more hygienic baseline."

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Alongside antiperspirants and perfume, the actual key to smelling fresh all day might just be a morning shower. 


Ultimately, he suggested that both times have their benefits and the ‘best time’ to shower is up to you. 

“I always take night showers during the week and morning showers on the weekends,” one commenter wrote. Is that the “right way” to shower? Well, according to this expert — and many others — it’s the best way to shower. 

It’s not the best way because of one foundational rule that applies to everyone, but because they’re showering at the time that best suits their routine



Dr. Josh Axe, another hygiene expert, agreed that the time you shower is dependent on your routine. When do you typically sweat the most? Are you working out at night or in the morning? Do you typically get warm during the night? 


If you tend to get more sweaty at night, rather than throughout the day, it might be more beneficial for you to shower in the morning — removing the bacteria and grime that’s built up on your skin. However, if you workout during the day or get sweaty at work, showering at night might be more practical.

Ultimately, experts agree that while both have benefits, the choice is yours! The heart of the debate is personal preference, habits, and your unique routine. 

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