The Spiritual Meaning Of A Diamond

Diamonds are truly one of the most spectacular gemstones on earth.

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Diamonds are incredibly symbolic gemstones and are the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. But it's their brilliance that makes them so meaningful to own.

Some are blessed to have a diamond as their birthstone, while others are lucky to have one of their own, whether on a ring, a necklace, or other jewelry.

But even if it's not your own diamond, there's something spiritual to receiving one. There's a reason for the expressing "diamonds are a girl's best friend," after all!


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It’s no question that diamonds bring out the best in someone. They make you feel special and beautiful, all while holding significance in your life. Above all other gems, diamonds are the ones that are the most romantic. Their hard exterior is symbolic of an unbreakable bond.


The belief that diamonds will protect the love you share with your partner has existed for quite some time. Diamonds have served the purpose of adding a little sparkle and love into your life, but what exactly is the spiritual meaning of this unique gem?

Origin of the Diamond

Natural diamonds are as old as 3.5 billion years, but humanity has only known about diamonds for about 6,000 years, dating back to India in the 4th century BC. Though it wasn't until the 19th century that the popularity of diamonds blew up, many civilizations associated this precious gemstone with a variety of meanings.

In Ancient Greek mythology, gods and goddesses wore and used diamonds as a way to signify strength and power. Additionally, Greek and Roman traditions spoke of the gates of Hades, which was made of diamonds; the gates could “only be entered after death and never be exited through.” This shows just how tough and dominant the diamond is, both in the past and present.

Medieval Europe was the first to introduce the wealth these gems portray. Charlemagne increased its popularity among his people, stating that diamonds represent strength, power, eternal life, and safety.


To possess diamonds was, and still is, to possess great luxury and prosperity. The first recorded use of a diamond engagement ring was in Ancient Rome.

Some cultures created philosophies that included other symbols of the diamond. For example, the Tibetan belief of "the Diamond Way" suggests a representation of human progress. Similar to the way a diamond begins as coal, a “human can become refined even with humble beginnings.”

Diamond Symbolism

With many meanings associated with diamonds, this gemstone embodies inner peace, harmony, positivity, joy, and eternal love. It’s understandable why this gem is the most precious of them all.

A diamond's hardness, clarity, and illumination are just one part of their symbolism. In fact, this jewel signifies opening the mind to all the possibilities before you. It represents faithfulness, love, purity, and innocence, as well as imagination, ingenuity, strength, fortitude, and courage.


Diamonds are symbols of wealth, strength, power, commitment and passion. It truly represents everlasting love.

Diamond Spiritual Meaning

Diamonds represent love, forever, and promises in relationships. We propose with them and marry with them. We use them to tie two people together in eternal love.

But diamonds also hold a deeper spiritual meaning. Diamonds carry angelic energy that helps bring about the courage to inspire their wearer. Not only does it bring courage, but it instills creativity, imagination, and bravery within us to be our most authentic selves.

A diamond signifies power — the power to be who you truly are. They can also drive away negative energies and protect you.


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Diamond Healing Powers

A diamond holds within it special healing powers. This gem is said to contain physical, emotional, and chakra-balancing healing powers.

When it comes to physicality, the diamond is known to be a master healer. The diamond can enhance, strengthen and clarify your brain function, nerves and senses.

Some have used diamonds to cure constipation, urine retention, and anything that has anything to do with cleansing the body of waste.

The diamond holds a lot of emotional energy, which can help bring any mental state from despair to light-heartedness. Not only do they hold emotional energy, but diamonds also contain high-frequency energy that can open the crown chakra and the etheric body.


What The Color Of A Diamond Symbolizes

The most common way to see a diamond is clear or white, though its natural color is closer to a white, pale yellow, or brown color. Although they don't appear naturally in nature, the color of a diamond can be changed using high pressure and heat.

White Diamond Meaning

A white diamond is a symbol of purity. This type of diamond brings clarity into relationships and partnerships. It also symbolizes trust, love, devotion, and even holiness.

Black Diamond Meaning

The black diamond symbolizes sorrow, justice, and reconciliation. But they also symbolize passion, strength, creativity, and action.

For the most part, black diamonds should be reserved for those experiencing heartache or loss. A diamond is made under high pressure and just like a black diamond, symbolizes inner strength.


Pink Diamond Meaning

Pink diamonds are symbolic of joy, romance, love, tenderness, innocence, and creativity. It's said that the pink diamond represented happiness and delight in England's Elizabethan Era.

Yellow Diamond Meaning

Yellow or gold diamonds symbolize happiness, friendship, humility, hope and optimism. When used in engagement rings, a yellow diamond promises a long and happy relationship. However, yellow diamonds are frequently gifted to friends.

Green Diamond Meaning

A green diamond represents youth, vigor, prosperity, and life. It also represents nature, attracting abundance, and youthfulness. If you use green diamonds in your wedding set, it can be seen as a fresh start to your life.


Brown Diamond Meaning

A brown diamond (also called a chocolate diamond) represents order, stability, balance and clarity. It's said that a brown diamond connects its wearer to nature. Brown diamonds also represent staying grounded and creating inner strength.

Blue Diamond Meaning

Blue diamonds represent royalty, power, and nobility. They also symbolize peace, truth, devotion, eternity, chastity, and spirituality.

Orange Diamond Meaning

Also known as pumpkin diamonds, orange diamonds symbolize energy, courage, and enthusiasm. They are often auctioned off at extremely expensive prices due to their rarity.

Red Diamond Meaning

Only about 30 red diamonds exist in the world today and, as such, are the most valuable type of diamond. Red diamonds symbolize courage, power, passion, commitment, confidence and uniqueness.


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