Delivery Driver Confronts Customer & Takes Groceries Back After She Didn’t Tip Him

"You've got a mental screw-up in your brain."

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When a woman placed an order for groceries to be delivered to her house, she certainly did not expect a belligerent man to come with them.

The delivery driver hollered at the woman on her front porch for over a minute, even telling her that she had a “mental screw-up” in her head.

All because she didn’t leave him a tip.

The delivery driver accosted the woman for not tipping and even returned the groceries.

A TikTok clip revealed the heated exchange, which occurred after the driver discovered he wasn't getting a tip.


“How would you feel if somebody didn’t tip you, lady?” he hollered while waving an angry finger at her. “Answer me!” he shouted. 

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The driver concluded his rant by canceling her delivery and telling the customer she could “pick up her own order.”

“How would it feel for you to go and do my job and deliver and then not get tipped?” he asked the woman.

The man’s words and actions left many people divided as to whether or not his response was valid.

Opinions were split over the driver's reaction.

With an almost callous view towards the service industry, many commenters were quick to judge the driver.

“Time to get a new job. He’s taking it too personally,” one TikTok user commented. “He wouldn’t get a penny from me!” another user shared.

“His job is to deliver. He gets paid by his employer!” another user noted.


Others argued that tipping service workers is the morally correct thing to do.

“The right thing to do is to tip appropriately; he’s correct!” one user commented.

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So, should you really tip your grocery delivery drivers, and if so, how much?

While no one is obligated to tip service workers, it is common practice in many cultures to show appreciation for good service.

Colleen McCreary, chief people officer and consumer financial advocate at Credit Karma told Today that you should aim to tip your grocery delivery driver at least 20% of the total cost, given the fact that they are delivering groceries to your home that you could have picked up yourself at the store. 

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However, delivery drivers should refrain from causing a stir if they discover that the customer did not tip them.

Despite the abysmal wages, working in the service industry does not guarantee you a tip, even if you are expecting one.

Many online food delivery platforms, including Instacart and DoorDash, allow drivers to see beforehand if a customer tipped them before accepting the order. They can then make their own decision whether or not they should pick it up or not.

The angry delivery driver in the video could have very well rejected the order if he saw that the woman did not leave him a tip instead of driving all the way to her house to belittle her.


In the end, tipping is a personal decision, but it is generally appreciated as a way to acknowledge and reward good service.

If you do not tip or simply forget to, you do not have a “mental screw-up in your brain,” contrary to what the delivery driver may believe.

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