Dad Says He Was Kicked Off A Flight For Taking A Photo On The Tarmac While He Was Boarding

He felt embarrassed for something he'd done a handful of times before other flights.

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A dad admitted that he just had one of the worst flight experiences of his life after he wasn't allowed to board a flight in Australia.

In a TikTok video, an Australian travel content creator named Jimmy Mitchell shared that he'd been getting ready to board a Jetstar flight from Sydney to Brisbane with his wife, Pauline, and their two children when suddenly, their planned trip was cut short because he violated a rule the crew members had advised passengers to follow.


He was kicked off his flight for taking a photo on the tarmac while boarding.

In his video, Mitchell explained that he and his family had been waiting in line to board their flight, and without thinking anything of it, he began taking photos of his children. He even made sure to keep his phone in flight mode, but that didn't matter. 



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As he was about to get on the plane, Mitchell said that he heard one of the Jetstar crew members refer to him as an "idiot." He suddenly turned around, walked over to the crew member, and asked her to repeat what she'd just called him, but she ended up doubling down and telling him he wasn't allowed to get on the plane anymore.

"Then I go and ask if I can go tell my wife that I can't get on the plane because she's got my boarding pass," Mitchell continued. The plane's crew members refused to even let him step one foot onto the plane, telling him that if he didn't leave, they'd call the police, and he would be detained. "What am I supposed to do? My family is on the flight."

Mitchell explained that drama occurred because he'd taken a photo, which he admitted he'd done multiple times before since he and his family travel quite frequently. What was different about this latest experience, however, was that the Jetstar crew members had announced to all passengers that they weren't allowed to take photos on the tarmac while the plane was being refueled.

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According to Travel Stack Exchange, mobile phones are forbidden around refueling areas because they are not intrinsically safe. The normal operation of electronic devices generates small sparks within the circuits and components, which can ignite in flammable areas and the atmosphere.

Mitchell didn't end up hearing the announcement because he had noise-canceling headphones on, and when he approached the gate, there was no notice or sign about phone usage. 

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Mitchell was accused of trying to assault one of the flight's crew members.

After being called an idiot for being on his phone, Mitchell immediately confronted the crew member, who must've felt slighted that she was being yelled at, and demanded that he leave the tarmac because he wouldn't be allowed on the flight. Recalling the incident, Mitchell claimed he was angry because he was being insulted. Had the crew member calmly said to get off his phone, he said he would've done it as soon as he was told.




Instead, he was called names and embarrassed in front of his family, which Mitchell insisted was something he didn't appreciate. At this point, Mitchell was resigned to the fact that he would have to talk to the federal police who were going to be waiting for him back in the boarding area since he was accused of "almost assaulting" the crew member.

"My problem was, I didn't have my passport, I didn't have my wallet. They were with Pauline in her purse, and she'd already boarded the plane," Mitchell continued. More than once, he pleaded with the crew members for them to at least notify his wife that he wasn't being allowed to board so she could give him all of his personal effects because, without them, he'd be stuck at the airport and wouldn't be able to board a later flight.

Eventually, Mitchell was allowed back on the flight and reunited with his family. Still, he's looking for a formal apology from Jetstar for putting him and his family through the wringer. Unfortunately, Jetstar already has a reputation when it comes to customer service, so he might be waiting for that apology for a while.


Dad Was Kicked Off A Flight For Taking A Photo On The TarmacPhoto: Lifestock / Canva Pro

According to The Independent, in 2017, the airline received one star out of five for overall customer satisfaction, with 37.2% of passengers complaining about delays — the average wait time was four hours after the scheduled departure time. 


It's understandable why Mitchell became quite emotional and angry over a dispute that could've been handled differently. Instead of resorting to name-calling and confrontation, the crew could have maintained professionalism and patience in addressing Mitchell's actions.

As airlines continue to be in the news for various reasons and concerns, they must go above and beyond to ensure their customers' satisfaction and respect. 

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