Woman Describes Awkward Encounter With Wife Of Man Who Left His Family In Economy So He Could Upgrade To First Class

Despite the awkward interaction, she revealed a good life lesson she learned about marriage and splitting duties.

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A woman revealed that she had quite an uncomfortable encounter with a couple while on a recent flight.

In a TikTok video, Jordynn Wynn shared that she had gotten an upgrade to first class while on a flight, and had been seated next to a middle-aged man. While making conversation with him, Wynn found herself caught in the middle of an incredibly awkward conversation between him and his wife.

Wynn detailed an unpleasant argument that she witnessed between a husband and wife.

At the start of her video, Wynn explained that she had been seated beside a man in his early 30s or 40s while in the first-class cabin on the plane. While sitting beside each other, both Wynn and the passenger were working on their laptops, not really paying attention to the other person.


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At one point, the flight attendant came around and asked if they would like anything to drink. At the request, Wynn chose to order water, which prompted a response from the man sitting beside her.



"He tells me, 'Did you know that in first class, it's unlimited free drinks.' Obviously, it was clear that I did not because he felt the need to tell me,'" Wynn recalled. After ordering a glass of wine, she began asking the man questions about where he was going and what he does for work.


He told her he's a professor who works in nature conservation and was on his way to give a speech about it, which piqued Wynn's attention. "So, I'm just asking him a bunch of questions, not flirting, just chatting about nature conservation."

During their conversation, the man told Wynn that his wife and two children were actually sitting in the economy cabin on the flight, and since he was "far behind" on his project, he decided to take advantage of being upgraded to first class to get some work done.

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His wife then came up to them with both of their babies and was annoyed that he left them in economy.

After talking for around 20 minutes, Wynn noticed that the man's wife had come into the first-class cabin with their two children, who Wynn inferred were two and five years old.


"She plops the [youngest] baby in his lap and is like, 'If you're not gonna work then the least you can do is watch one of the babies.' She is pissed,'" Wynn observed. At the annoyed tone of his voice, the man began explaining what he and Wynn had been talking about, but his wife was clearly not interested.

Wynn continued, saying the couple began whispering to each other and the man was attempting to calm his wife down, who was clearly annoyed that she had been left in economy to watch their children while he was in first-class having conversations with people instead of working, as he probably told her he was going to do.

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"She ends up leaving the baby in his lap with no tools," she added. "So, the baby's kicking the seat. This guy is giving him his watch, digging in his bag, and giving him a pen." At this point, Wynn admitted to feeling awkward and wondered if she should ask if he needed help caring for his child.


"Initially I was like, that lady is grumpy, but then I'm like, well what partner leaves their partner in the back of a plane while they're in first class drinking whiskey with a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old on a 3/4 hour flight," Wynn pointed out.

She joked about the lessons she learned during that awkward encounter, with one being to never speak with a man who has a wedding band on and to choose wisely about who you're going to marry in the future.

"Do not marry somebody who's gonna leave you in the back of a plane with a 2-year-old and 5-year-old," she advised.


In the comment section, many people agreed that the man's wife had every reason to be mad, especially at having to care for two young children all on her own while her husband essentially relaxed in first class. It's important that even in circumstances like that, both parents are working diligently to split responsibilities equally, even while on a flight.

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