How To Pose For Selfies & Instagram Pics, According To TikTok

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Social media has drastically evolved since Facebook first dropped in the early 2000s.

What was once meant to be lighthearted and fun, social media profiles have turned people into brands and aesthetics.

And even though we millennials created social media, (you’re welcome, or we’re sorry — not sure which is more appropriate), it’s Gen Z that now carries the team when it comes to knowing all the tips and tricks for curating a successful social media presence, including how to take good selfies, create cool TikTok transitions, and use all those slang words and phrases we’ll never quite understand.

Gen Z, just so you know, we’re all painfully aware of how cheugy our selfies poses in particular are. So aware, in fact, that a 30-something TikToker took to the platform to ask for help on how to pose.



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“How do I pose as a 33-year-old who’s trying to be cool and look normal?” she asks. “Help.”

As usual, TikTok did not disappoint. And now, my fellow outdated millennials, Gen Xers, and other generations trying to stay relevant, we have some Gen Z-approved selfie poses to try for your next post.

7 Good Selfie Poses for Instagram Pics, According To TikTok

1. Keep your hands busy.

Suggested poses from TikTok:

“I think you hold iced coffee or something.”

“Hold stuff up. Purses, coffee, sunglasses, etc.”

“Two hands on the purse legs crossed OR one in the hair one on the purse.”

“One hand lightly over the leg u bring forward, other holding object or playing w hair.”

2. Angle your body.

Suggested poses from TikTok:

“Slight angled at the camera, extend leg closest to the camera and other hand on mid thigh!”

“Outer leg is slightly bent, hand goes loosely on my thigh.”

“Hand on upper thigh, other hand on hip bone area, shoulders back, slight tilt.”

3. Wear clothes with pockets — and use them.

Suggested poses from TikTok:

“Pockets. Hands in pockets.”

“I am a fan of cool girl thumb in the belt loop or front pocket pose.”

“This is why I buy dresses with's a photo flex.”

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4. Wear hats.

Suggested pose from TikTok:

“I wear a hat and hold the edge of my hat but can’t promise that it’s cool.”

5. Put your pets to work.

Suggested pose from TikTok:

“You have your pet in one hand and a glass of wine in the other and you slay that shoot.”

6. Start moving.

Suggested poses from TikTok:

“It’s all about movement. You can be standing there but just laugh and move like real life! Don’t just pose.”

“Take a video and move around screenshot the faves.”

7. Pretend the camera isn’t there.

Suggested poses from TikTok:

“What do you hands normally do when the camera isn’t on? Fix hair, hand in pocket, holding drink or purse, adjusting clothes, etc.”

“Use a camera app to spam pictures automatically and set it up somewhere and just enjoy the environment your in and capture that moment.”

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