28 Funny Memes All Millennials Can Relate To


As a Millennial myself, I have heard the plethora of bad jokes about how we’re “lazy”, “entitled”, and “can’t communicate in real life”. Or, my personal favorite, how we’re all universally stupid because a handful of us ate tide pods (as if NO ONE in your generation was ever that stupid. Please, give me a break.).

I’ve suppressed my eye rolls at the countless accusations that this generation is “the problem” (uh-huh, it’s only one generation that’s “the problem” *dramatic eye roll*. Sorry. That one got away from me.).

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Being part of the most joked about generation has some perks though (I mean, it’s kind of like hitting the joke lottery) and we get to laugh it off since most of the people who make these jokes are either WHY we’re like this or are going to die soon (who’s laughing now, old man?!).

However, I won’t sit here and pretend that being a Millennial doesn’t have its downsides.

According to an article published in the New York Post last year, a study on millennials showed that the average millennial spends an average of four hours A DAY worrying about something.

That’s an insane amount of stress. It’s no wonder there are so many jokes about us being “the most stressed out generation”.  

As a millennial myself, I have to say – I believe it. Not only have I observed others in my age group experiencing levels of stress that seem unfounded for people still as young as we are (I’m only 25 myself), but I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life (and frankly it seems to only get worse with age).

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But, being Millennials, we know how to laugh it off (generally, after a good cry).

So, check out the top 28 memes all of us Millennials can relate to and try to laugh off some of the stress:

1. I feel everything about this one. The messy bun, the urge to smoke.

"My stress stresses me out to the point where I’m too stressed to deal with my stress.”

2. He was definitely one of the funniest characters in that show.

“F*** yeah, stick it to the old people.”

3. Think about it.

“The man bun is the millennial mullet.”

4. Personally, I’d rather my kids know the difference between you/you’re/your than be able to write cursive, but whatever.

“I love baby boomers who say ‘kids don’t even know how to write cursive’ in a negative way like ok grandma you can’t even turn your laptop on without getting 6 viruses and wiring half of your retirement money to a Nigerian Prince.”

5. Shots fired, y’all.

“People who criticize our generation seem to forget who raised it.”

6. Sorry, couldn’t help myself *wink, wink*.

“Why would millennials do this?”

7. Because, logic. *rolls eyes*

“Young people: *offended by sexism/racism/classism etc*/ Old People: “This young generation is offended by every little thing!!!” Old People: *offended by a box of tampons*”

8. Too funny not to include.

“How they dress girls today VS. How they dressed me”

9. HA! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle references!

“You see a rat, but I see a hard-working dad just trying to feed his four teenaged turtles.”

10. Hey! Me too!

“Text: ‘Hey, do you have anxiety? **Amazon’ Response: ‘yea, I got both.’”

11. It’s a vicious cycle.

“My job helps pay for the stress-eating caused by my job.”

12. I adore the sarcasm in this one.

“’Millennials killed department stores’ baby boomers killed the polar bears but right now my deepest apologies to JC Penny. ”

13. Sad, but true.

“I love how baby boomers dreamt of being millionaires & the millennial dream in 2 have a 1 bedroom apartment and not to drown because of the ice caps melting.”

14. Yeah, Margaret! Tired has no age restrictions!

“Hate when people say ‘you’re too young to be tired’ alright Margaret you’re too old to be alive but here we are.”

15. The internet is truly our biggest strength … and biggest downfall.

“Me: sorry can’t go out tonight, I have too much to do. *takes quiz to see what type of pizza I am*”


“How to be an adult: shop for a new tie, make macaroni, do cardio, don’t let the existential dread set in, don’t let it set in, vacuum the rug.”

17. Just, don’t.

“I hate when people ask what I’m doing tomorrow … Like I don’t even know what I’m doing right now. Please don’t do this to me.”

18. The introvert struggle is real.

“When your internet goes out and you are forced to get to know your surroundings.”

19. Oh, sh*t. More shots fired, y’all.

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“I like when the generation that made black people use separate water fountains say our generation is bad because we text too much lol.”

20. That’s just good advice.

“Study tip: laminate your notes so the tears roll off.”

21. I’ve totally done this to make sure my baby nephew didn’t roll off my bed during his nap.

“FaceTiming the water so it doesn’t boil over while I’m watching TV in the other room.”

22. I’m totally just an explosion of stress myself.

“Pretty much explains my life.”

23. Like I said, internet can be our biggest downfall.

“Me, life goals, internet. (Internet wins)”

24. It’s always better to suffer together … I guess.

“When you and all your friends are all going thru some sh*t, but you just wanna chill and suffer together.”

25. Very true. 

“Beer … because you can’t drink bacon.”

26. Hey, you got to stop the “bad thoughts” somehow, right?

“Me: *nearly exploding from stress* ah yes, it’s the perfect time to begin the tv series I’ve watched 6 times already.”

27. Every-dang-where.

“Stress. Stress everywhere.”

28. You got to laugh … or you’ll cry *wink, wink*.

“I hear crying. Oh, wait, that’s just me.”

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