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4 Benefits People Who Keep Their Christmas Trees Up Until Spring Experience — That The Rest Of Us Miss Out On

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Christmas is officially over, but that doesn’t mean we have to shelve our cheer quite yet. Winter’s not going away anytime soon, bringing with it longer nights, less daylight, and a sense of isolation.

There are scientific reasons that holiday decorations make us happier, so why not lean into our joy for a bit longer?

Here are 4 benefits people who keep their Christmas trees up until spring experience

1. Remembering happy times

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. In remembering our pasts, we hold onto the things that are important to us: The people we love and the traditions we share. Holding onto your tree after Christmas ends is a tangible reminder of celebration — a touchpoint to happy memories.

4 Benefits People Who Keep Their Christmas Trees Up Until Spring ExperiencePhoto: Inara Prusakova / Shutterstock

If tending to your tree and remembering the good times gathered around it brings you joy, more power to you! Keep that tree up until spring blooms.

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2. Keeping a cozy vibe

Let’s be honest: Is there anything more magical than twinkling lights and the smell of pine? Even those who don’t celebrate Christmas can find the ethereal calm that comes with bringing the outside into our homes.



For the more aesthetically-minded people of the world, keeping a Christmas tree up provides a step up in ambiance. Make sure to keep watering your tree, giving it the tender loving care it deserves.

3. A prolonged sense of cheer

In 2022, the American Christmas Tree Association put out a press release outlining the positive effects of decorating early for Christmas.

Jami Warner, the executive director, referred to how “Studies show that there are mental health benefits related to decorating for Christmas before December. Even if it’s just getting the Christmas tree up in the living room or pulling out the ornaments, decorating for Christmas is shown to boost moods and ‘activate’ the holiday spirit.”  

If we feel better decorating early, imagine how much better we’ll feel later on in the season, just by keeping our trees up.

4 Benefits People Who Keep Their Christmas Trees Up Until Spring ExperiencePhoto: Danielcc / Shutterstock

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4. A mood-boosting way to beat the winter blues

As winter keeps its dark, shadowy grip on the Northern Hemisphere, being around nature for prolonged periods can actually make us feel markedly happier.

Studies have shown that forest bathing, or walking through the woods, reduces our cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone. Walking through a forest undisturbed can lower our stress, and breathing in the scent of the tree in the middle of our living rooms also has soothing effects.



A study from Texas A&M maintains that keeping a live Christmas tree in the home improves our mental health by increasing productivity and happiness while lowering our anxiety and boosting our immune systems.

Our national choice of Christmas tree, the Balsam Fir, has many healing and medicinal attributes as well. It’s a natural antiseptic, it has cooling and emollient properties. Pine needles can be used as a decongestant, to treat colds, and to cure respiratory problems.

So, if you haven’t found the time to strip the lights, remove the ornaments, and ditch your tree, don’t worry! Keeping your tree up is a simple way to keep something beautiful and comforting in your home — something we all need.  

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