No Tanlines! America's Top 10 Nude Beaches

You can finally cross off skinny dipping from your bucket list.

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Do you have skinny dipping on your bucket list this summer, but are too afraid to sneak away and do the deed?

Well, perhaps it's time to find a clothing-optional beach.

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Many think that nude beaches can only be found overseas, but America actually has a good handful of nudist-approved beaches with clothing optional areas all over the country.


To help you out with your next adventurous outing, we decided to make a list of America's top 10 nude beaches.

1. San Gregorio, San Mateo County, California

This two-mile-long beach is one of the oldest nude beaches in the United States. Everyone is welcome regardless of their sexuality since there is a section for straight visitors (south side) and gay visitors (north side). It has caves to explore, is animal-friendly on the weekdays, and is great for surf fishing and tide-pooling.


2. Gunnison Beach, Middletown, New Jersey

Perhaps you should skip Ocean City this year and go to this nude beach instead. You are allowed to drink and smoke on the beach, which definitely allows you to have a good time, and is rarely allowed at other locations.

3. Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida

According to the beach's website, 7,000 people flock to the clothing-optional beach each day. About 85 percent of the visitors go to experience the nude beach section. The beach also holds organized group activities like swimming and volleyball for people who want to be active in their birthday suits.

4. Moshup Beach, Aquinnah, Massachusetts

If you ever decide to make a trip to Martha's Vineyard then stop by this beach that has a clothing-optional area. This beach is more secluded so you shouldn't have to worry about privacy. In some areas, you are able to see the Gay Head Lighthouse (yes, that's really the name), and you can visit the shops in Aquinnah. The one downside is that parking is limited.

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5. Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii

The clothing-optional status of this beach isn't official, but it's definitely known for being nude-friendly.  There is clear blue water, friendly people, and Dr. Leisure, Maui's resident painter uses nude beaches as his muse.

6. Baker Beach, San Francisco, California

Get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge while you sunbathe topless. The north part of the beach is clothing optional and therefore less crowded. It's definitely a beautiful site and the area is often used for engagement and wedding pictures (most likely not in the nude section though) since it's so close to the iconic bridge.

7. Kehena Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Some reviewers have compared the atmosphere of this beach to Woodstock. It's not rare to see whales splashing around in the water, hear people banging away on drums, and there is a whirlpool area. What more could you ask for?

8. Lighthouse Beach, Islip, New York

After hitting up the city, head out to Long Island and relax topless under the sun! The clothing-optional section is separate from the lighthouse tourist section to avoid offending anyone.


9. UFO Beach, South Padre, Texas

This beach is also unofficially clothing optional. The part that is safe to strip down in is called UFO by the locals thanks to a buoy that looks like a UFO. This beach is popular with the college crowd during spring break.

10. Collins Beach, Sauvie Island, Oregon

Go clothed or naked since both kinds of people get along on this beach. This beach isn't far from the city, and it's relaxing. Dogs are allowed but only if they are on leashes.

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