Airbnb Guests Abandoned Their 'Anxious' Dog In A Rental House With A Note Explaining Why

Sadly, it's not the first time someone has left a pet behind in this owners' property.

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Guests forgetting belongings is surely a routine part of being an Airbnb owner. But one man has been left stunned after discovering what his latest guests left behind.

His Airbnb guests abandoned their dog in his rental house.

TikToker @crazyAirbnbstories owns multiple Airbnb rental properties and uses his TikTok to share exactly what the handle describes — the wild encounters he has with his often colorful guests. 


His latest encounter has to be right up there with the worst of them. "Airbnb guests abandoned their dog at my Airbnb property," the owner said in one of his recent videos. 



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He noted that he usually likes to keep the stories he shares on the lighter side, including a recent tail — er tale — in which someone abandoned a cat that he ended up adopting as his own. But this one looked to be a much sadder story than that one. 

The Airbnb guests left a note saying they could no longer care for their 'anxious' dog.

"This is one of my chief properties in not the best area," the owner said, explaining that it consequently tends to attract people who are struggling in life. It seems the most recent guests definitely fit that bill.

"When they checked out, they left their dog leashed inside the house and they left a note with it saying 'we can no longer take care of this dog, we are leaving it to you.'"

His cleaning service found the dog first. They immediately called him and reported that the poor pup "was scratching and clawing to get out of the house because it was… probably scared, anxious and sad if I had to guess."


Thankfully, one of the cleaning workers who also fosters dogs was able to take in the animal temporarily and take her to the vet to make sure she was healthy, not pregnant, and not in need of any special care. 

Airbnb Guests Abandoned Their Dog In A Rental House With A Note Explaining WhyPhoto: Engin Akyurt / Pexels

The guests then demanded the dog back — and then immediately changed their minds again. 

The owner was left in a total quandary as to what to do with the dog. Veterinarians and organizations like the American Humane Society recommend that people who find abandoned pets contact local authorities like animal control for help. 




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However, the owner said his area lacks adequate animal control services. Things got even more complicated once he heard back from the guests. "They finally actually reached out to me today saying, hey, they want the dog back."

For obvious reasons, he was hesitant to respond and the owners quickly proved his instincts were entirely correct. "I hadn't reached out to the Airbnb guests yet," he said in a follow-up video, "but they actually contacted me again today saying, guess what? Never mind, we changed our mind, we do not want the dog."


"So, obviously these people have absolutely no idea what they're doing," he added. 



Thankfully, the dog is in good health. "Every test so far has been very good," he said. The member of his cleaning crew that is fostering the dog is keeping her for now and has been working with organizations like the ASPCA to coordinate the care of the dog. 

Thankfully, he's been flooded with requests from people who want to welcome the dog into their homes.

The owner says since he already has pets of his own — including the cat he adopted after it was abandoned in his Airbnb — he doesn't have the space for the dog at his place. But it doesn't sound like he's going to have any problems finding her a home.




"What... warms my heart a lot," he said, "is a lot of people sent legitimate inquiries to me to adopt this dog," even without having seen so much as a photo of her. "[She] could be five pounds or [she] could be 250 pounds," he said.

Airbnb Guests Abandoned Their Dog In A Rental House With A Note Explaining WhyPhoto: thevibrantmachine / Pexels


"And that just goes to show me there are a lot of good people out there in the world," he went on to say. "Never did I think in a million years I'd make a waitlist for this… Thank you to all the good people out there." 

Sounds like it won't be long at all before this poor doggo will be in her new forever home with the loving family she deserves. 

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