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After A Mean Kid Says A Little Girl’s Hair Looks Like Worms, Her Mom Makes Her Feel Beautiful Again

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mom doing her daughter's hair

Raising kids can be like crossing a minefield in complete darkness, never knowing which direction the next disaster is coming from. Helping kids navigate their emotional upheaval is never easy, yet one mom showed how to do so in a spectacularly uplifting way.

After a mean kid told a little girl that her hair looked like worms, her mom made her feel beautiful, inside and out.

Nika Diwa shared a post on TikTok of herself and her young daughter standing in front of a mirror while the little girl relayed an incident of bullying at school. She told her mom that another student told her that her hair looked like worms.



“I’m so sorry sometimes people are not kind,” Diwa told her daughter, who then asked why people weren’t kind. “I don’t know, honey,” the mom answered, revealing a hard-learned truth of being a person in the world, which is that people often choose not to lead with kindness, causing harm to others.

“You know what I do know? I know that you have enough kindness for everyone,” the mom stated, highlighting the importance of showing compassion to everyone, even when people are cruel.

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Diwa affirmed her daughter’s inner beauty and her outer beauty, as well.

“You wanna know something cool about worms?” she asked her daughter, comparing the squirmy creature to a caterpillar. “You know what a caterpillar turns into? A butterfly! And butterflies are beautiful!” Diwa exclaimed, much to her daughter’s delight.

“I’m beautiful!” Her daughter announced, smiling proudly. Diwa then did her daughter’s hair in a butterfly crown, building up her confidence by singing a song with the lyrics, “I love my hair,” to which her daughter replied, “Yes, I do.”

after a mean kid says little girl's hair looks like worms her mom makes her feel beautiful againPhoto: simardfrancois  / Canva Pro

“I love my hair,” the little girl said decidedly at the end of the post. “I do too, honey,” her mom said.

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In an Instagram post, Diwa shared another way her daughter was made to feel beautiful: through seeing little girls who looked like her on TV, which shows the power of representation and inclusion, especially for young kids.

Diwa captured her daughter watching a cartoon in her bonnet, noting in the caption that "She refused to wear her bonnet until she saw this. This is why representation matters."

The young girl saw characters whose lives reflected her own experience, and she proudly and excitedly exclaimed, "Mom, its like me! She looks like me!"

Diwa and her daughter affirmed each other in a separate TikTok post, proving the value of speaking gently to oneself. When Diwa spoke down to herself, saying she looked like a mess, her daughter told her to try again, revealing that self-acceptance is both a muscle and a practice.



She’s raising her daughter to see the beauty in herself and others, and to lift herself up while lifting others up, which is a truly beautiful way of entering the world. 

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