Little Girl Confidently Defends Her Hairstyle After A Bully At School Insulted Her

"Strong women, may we be them, may we know them, may we raise them!"

Little girl defending her hair on TikTok @leiladanai / TikTok

After a three-year-old girl’s classmate informed her that he did not like her hairstyle, she gave him the best response. Now, people are praising her for her attitude and her mother for raising a strong and confident daughter. 

The little girl told her classmate that insulted her hairstyle that it didn’t matter to her if he didn’t like it because she liked it. 

In a TikTok video, a mother records her three-year-old daughter, Leila, as the toddler recounts her day at preschool. She begins to tell her mother about an incident where a classmate told her that he “didn’t like” her hairstyle.


Luckily, Leila did not get upset and she defended herself beautifully. “Owen didn’t like my hair, but I said, ‘I like it!’” she proudly tells her mother, who praises her daughter’s response.



“He said, ‘I don’t like that hair, it’s crazy,’ and I said, ‘My mommy made it. If you don’t like it, I will keep it for myself,’” the little girl adds.


“I’m so proud of you!” Leila’s mother can be heard saying behind the camera. “You stood up for yourself.” She also assures her daughter that it does not matter if other people do not like her hair, as long as she likes it. Leila clearly agrees, beaming and nodding at her mother.

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Leila's mother says that she is beyond proud of her daughter's response.

In the caption of the adorable video, Leila’s mother shares that she loves hearing about her daughter’s days at school and that she “could not be more proud” of how she handled this particular situation.

“I am glad she didn't need anyone’s validation to feel complete, she knew she loved her hairstyle and that’s what mattered,” the mother wrote. “She stood up for herself, she confidently and honestly communicated her point of view and she didn’t allow someone else to affect her self-confidence.”


Leila’s mother adds that she will continue to be raised in a “democratic household where her opinion matters” to maintain her confidence and provide her with demonstrations of how to handle others’ negative comments.

“Strong women, may we be them, may we know them, may we raise them!” the mother shares.

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Other TikTok users also extended their pride to Leila and support for her mother.

“I love this! She is precious and gorgeous and so smart!” one user commented. “She, at three and a half years old, has more courage and confidence than most adults. You are doing an INCREDIBLE job mama!” another user shared. “Adorable. May she always believe and stand up for herself,” another wrote.


Raising confident children like Leila will greatly benefit them in the future. Children with high levels of self-esteem and confidence are more likely to do better in school, socialize with others and try new things.

Confidence and self-esteem all begin early on in life, so it is essential that parents do everything they possibly can to help their children possess this trait and carry it with them as they grow up. It starts by simply making them feel loved, supported, safe, and accepted.

Parents can also encourage their children to try new things, even if they mail fail at first, and express that they are proud of them for acts of service such as helping out at home or giving someone else a compliment, and ban any negative criticisms, instead helping them and having patience with them when they make mistakes.

Every child is different, and some may grasp self-esteem and confidence quicker than others. However, parents should always continue to lift their children up so that just in case a classmate tells them that they don’t like their shirt, shoes, or their hair, they have the faith to respond exactly how Leila did.


If you are happy with your appearance and it makes you feel self-radiant, then that is really all that matters!

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