According To Believers, 7% Of Us Will Find Code 0010110 — And Exit The Matrix On August 27

Beware the man in the red coat.

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Has the number 0010110 appeared to you via social media recently? If you've seen this number popping up, many are saying it's no coincidence.

Seeing "code" 0010110 is said to be a sign that you are ready to exit the simulation, aka the matrix, along with 7% of the population.

All of this, according to TikTokers, will occur on August 27, 2022, when those who invoke the number will develop a special telepathic digital connection.


From "Westworld" to Elon Musk, there's no doubt that 0010110 is causing a frenzy of sorts.

Let's dive deep into what this code means, including the scientific concepts and pop culture associations found on Twitter, Reddit and TikTok.

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What does 0010110 mean?

Apparently, 0010110 is the code to exit the Matrix.

According to TikTokers, the code comes to you "when you are ready," through internet algorithms across social media. You are then asked to type the code into a search engine, where several TikToks say, "The real game has started."



For those who haven't seen "The Matrix," the concept is that we live in a simulation, while in real life our bodies are being used to fuel the machines — sort of like a battery.


The code supposedly acts as a password that will open the door, acting as a portal to leave the simulation... and it's all happening on August 27, 2022.



When translated into morse code, 0010110 means "Up in me it we u we," which can be written as "Up, in me, it we, u we," alluding to an awakening of sorts.

And though it may seem a bit strange, this code has actually shown up in science fiction before.


0010110 as a "time code" in "Futurama"

One such show is "Futurama," an animated show about a pizza delivery boy from the year 2000 getting cryogenically frozen and waking up in the year 3000.

The number can be found on the buttocks of one of the main characters in the show, Philip J. Fry. When accessed, it can be used to travel back in time, while simultaneously correcting any time-travel paradoxes.

It might sound ridiculous, but the writers of the show collectively have three PhDs, seven masters degrees, and more than 50 years at Harvard. Needless to say, they are no strangers to using science in their writing.

What happens when you type 0010110 into a search engine?

Many TikTok users say that to exit the matrix, you should type the code 0010110 into a search engine.


Here's what pops up when 0010110 is typed into various search engines:

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What does code 0010110 mean spiritually?

Code 0010110 may mean several things, but the common theme is breaking out of the matrix to start something new or meeting some resistance.

Initially, one member on a Quora thread stated that the code 0010110 is an "activation code" that can be "utilized as a way of changing the neural pathways using repetitive patterns."


The user continued by saying it helps "people shift conscious reality." The same user also stated that 0010110 can also be used as a mantra to help people focus on "the quantum-now (zero point) within the mind."

Overall, number 0010110 seems to pertain to "full enlightenment and liberation."

Code 0010110 is also said to activate digital immortality via mind-uploading — which Elon Musk told Twitter he has already done.

The Tesla and Space-X billionaire says he's apparently already uploaded his consciousness to the cloud and spoken to himself, achieving what is known as digital immortality or quantum immortality.

According to World Scientific, "The first part of the paper assumes that mind-uploading is possible and will become quite commonplace in the near (21st century)..."


Musk has said before that he has proof we may be living in a simulation. But this time, Musk confirmed this strange concept on Twitter.

When asked, "If you could upload your brain to the cloud, and talk to a virtual version of yourself, would you be buddies?" Musk replied, "Already did it."

It's uncertain if this is actually something Musk has done, but until now, the concept was only known in sci-fi movies or television shows like "Caprica," "Westworld," and "Black Mirror."


Even stranger is that Nikola Tesla was interested in this concept of "uploading" a consciousness into digital form. As we know, Musk now owns Tesla.

Notably, Tesla was also the man behind the now highly popular 369 manifestation method, his stated belief on which was that "if you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe.”

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What is going to happen on August 27, 2022?

According to TikTokers, on August 27, 2022, people who have received the code should look for a man in a red coat... and aliens.

The man in a red coat will appear outside your window with a briefcase on August 27, 2022, they say. He will "scream the words of truth" to you, which are presumably instructions on how to exit the matrix, or inform you that you are in the matrix and what will come next.

When you see him, the TikToks advise you to be ready and "go with no fear" — even though they also say "we must warn you that the dark entities are always watching us."

Others are claiming that aliens will come down on August 27, 2022 to collect the 7% of people who have found the code.




One book, "0010110 Breaking Free From The Matrix: Using Code 0010110 to Liberate Humanity from the Matrix," claims that "0010110 is a international movement with the goal to liberate humanity from the limitations of the past. Breaking Free from the Matrix is entirely Possible for Humanity. The Only thing Humanity needs to do is choose to break free from the matrix in order to overcome it."

The book is described as a document that has "a pattern of words designed with energetic significance, opening the door for humanity to see the tools available right now in the 21st century."

A second book, "CODE 0010110: Quantum Immortality," associates the 0010110 code with digital immortality, which relates to what Elon Musk has allegedly achieved.


This book is focused on reminding us that digital immortality is at the helm of humanity's future: "Code 0010110 represents the next chapter in human language; as the realization of the inherited dreams of this timeline manifest in real time, we are truly witnessing creation itself being dreamed into existence."

The book also claims to reveal "secrets" about the power of humanity, saying: "1. You can develop super human abilities simply by remembering them and remembering that they exist in your DNA; 2. The ideas and concepts explored by 0010110 patterns of consciousness uncover a hidden collective memory and ability previously known by ancient humans and now rediscovered for the next stage of human evolution alongside all of technology."

Whatever 0010110 and August 27, 2022 bring is yet to be determined. In the meantime, the TikToks claims you those who have already found the code will continue to learn more about what will happen in their dreams.

Let's just hope whatever it is brings us all some growth.


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