50 Halloween Memes So Funny It’s Scary

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Halloween is right around the corner and if you're anything like me, you've been waiting for this moment all year long.

You live for spooky season, your wardrobe only consists of black clothes and old Halloween costumes, and you *die* cracking up (see what we did there?) for the best Halloween memes you can find.

Think of Halloween as the infamous Michael Myers ... No matter how many times you knock it down, it always gets back up again.

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So put together your most creative costume and stack your home with candy, because Halloween is here.

50 Best Funny Halloween Memes for 2022

1. Me: Giving the kid at door candy / Their parent:

2. Me after Halloween:

3. Isn't 20 a bit old to be trick-or-treating?

4. The rest of the day after someone calls you cute.

5. Me: *feels a cold breeze outside.

6. When they always ask u why u killin them but they never ask whats killin u.

7. There are two types of girls on Halloween.

8. *bookstore goes out of business in the summer* ... Spirit Halloween:

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9. Me and my homies in October.

10. The look on my face when someone says they hate Halloween.

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11. Get in ... we're going shopping for Halloween stuff!!

12. Ghosted in October? How festive.

13. September 30th vs October 1st

14. How the Halloween packaging looks vs. how it looks when u put it on at home.

15. When October is almost over and you haven't seen enough Halloween memes.

16. My body functions at its highest level when I'm eating fresh, in-season produce.

17. Just sitting around waiting for Halloween.

18. Me on Halloween wondering if I should just turn my lights off, get drunk, and keep all this candy for myself.

19. I totally watch Halloween themed movies all year long to hold me over until it's actually Halloween.

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20. Hey Boo. Let's go get sheet-faced.

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21. How friends convince me to go places: There'll be food and drink and ghosts.

22. When you've had a rough year but you're trying really hard to enjoy Halloween.

23. "You know what your problem is, Jason? You go after too many girls. I've been chasing the same chick for like 30 years."

24. When it's Halloween and your unusual tastes suddenly become hip and popular.

25. I just heard my neighbor crying, which means unfortunately she can probably hear me singing Monster Mash in different voices.

26. Before coffee / After coffee

27. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

28. Waiting for Halloween be like...

29. A haunted house but it's a slideshow of AOL messages you sent to your crush 25 years ago.

30. Current mood.

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31. When someone tries to annoy me before I've had my morning coffee.

32. After your partner confronts you about how much money you spend on Halloween things.

33. "Well, I like me."

34. This could be us on Halloween...

35. Me during the rest of the year vs. me during October.

36. "What makes you think they're fake?"

37. me: *hits spider web down with broom* / spider: wow / me: *puts up fake spider web decorations for Halloween* / spider: WOW

38. Me trying to figure out where to fit more Halloween decorations.

39. When you can't get up because your dog fell asleep in your lap.

40. When society says you're a weirdo because you love Halloween.

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41. When Halloween starts to take a hold on you.

42. Every Halloween candy mix has to be at least 1/3 disappointing so the kids don't forget that joy cannot exist without suffering.

43. I ghost people all year round.

44. Me: I am definitely not going to critique everyone else's Halloween costumes this year. Also me:

45. Waiting for Halloween like...

46. Therapist does NOT think it would be funny for me to be her for Halloween.

47. "I need a date for Halloween." "October 31st."

48. Me trying to be social: "I saw some ghosts."

49. Skeletons are a weird costume cuz you already got one of those in your body you're pretty much a bone oreo with skin frosting dude.

50. "Halloween is not a day, okay? It's a season."

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